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I noticed that Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Eric Idle all have "drool" or otherwise forums or blogs. I haven't come across any for the other three yet, but I'm probably not the only one who thinks they deserve to have their own "drool" page. So I desided to start one. If there already are such pages on Pythonline I'd like to read them so please let me know where to find them.

Here are some photos to get us started:

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...another image I made with python photos

Paute: Wonderfull collection! Many photos did not know

Holly: I love your collection, & I especially like your animations.

arkennedy at 9:37 pm January 23

Thanks :)

I can't take credit for posting all the pics though. Other Pythonline members posted pics in this thread as well.

However, last year we switched to a new format of Pythonline and all pics that were posted in threads were moved to the main entries (or whatever it's called) of the threads.

It's been so long ago that, for the most part, I can't remember who posted what anymore.

Lvndr HppE: Graham was a beautiful child.

the_thina at 4:49 pm January 23

he was a beautiful adult too! ;)

the_thina: amaaaazing collection! <3 oh what cute men! the picture of gray beeing lit from underneath from what looks like a glowing crystal ball is beautiful!

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: Included is what I consider to be the best black and white photo of Graham that I've seen so far.

CamelSpotter at 12:23 am April 03

The second photo is from a great sketch:


Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: ...a cup of hot cocoa in this pic or a warm sweater :)

CamelSpotter at 10:38 pm March 25

a hug would do the trick. Don't worry, I'll take care of it!

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: ...different religions or the sketch about people who through no fault of their own are sane or if it's from another sketch. If anyone knows the answer please let me know. Thanks :)

Tiel Pearce at 11:18 pm April 01

The sketch about people who through no fault of their own are sane.

If you're going to split hairs, I'm going to piss off!

arkennedy at 9:22 am April 02


arkennedy: I used this website: http://www.loonapix.com/

arkennedy: with what I think is a camera wearing a hat.

Jatta at 10:56 am March 14

just don't wear enough hats these days... :)

Anything goes...

arkennedy: ...in a crowd of people.

caroliinee at 5:19 pm March 14


Wheres the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?!

arkennedy: Poor Graham, he couldn't get anyone to sing anything.

CamelSpotter at 9:41 pm March 12

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: /

arkennedy: ... in which Terry, John and Graham are peering around corners:

BigFoot at 6:25 am February 26

The Grahams'one is very funny!

MattInTheWallet at 6:23 am February 26

I love them all!
But I might prefer Johns because the face he makes...
But I love Grahams also...

**Cheeky Monkeys, Cheeky Monkeys!**

arkennedy: Image of Graham from the 70s which I think people have already seen but which is, in my opinion, worth seeing again.

Terry Gilliam with Jodelle Ferland (Tideland)at a press conference in Canada in 2005.

John Cleese with Steve Martin in 1997.

arkennedy: .

thedoctor92 at 10:38 am April 21

but they don't seem too keen on him! lol
If Mike wasn't so cute, I would get so much more done....

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: Remember to read the fine print before buying a new cooker and more stuffed Lemurs.

arkennedy: In a previous post I posted animated pics of Graham and John that I found online. I couldn't find any animated pics of Terry though. I still haven't been able to find any. So I though I'd make my own. Click to activate.
And if you want to see the non-animated version of the pic click on 73115440.jpg

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: /

arkennedy: .

DoryPython at 4:36 am February 02

"now fuck off!"

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

arkennedy at 11:09 pm February 07

...and then when John (it was John wasn't it?) asked something along the lines of "How should we fuck off my lord?", that was one of the best parts of Life of Brian in my opinion.

arkennedy: .

BroMaynardG at 6:48 am January 31

- - - He could be in "Cats"!

Rice - Webber!

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: .

CamelSpotter at 8:28 pm January 28

I love John's stuffed lemur. Thanks!

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: This photo was taken in 1979, the year I was born :)

Peter Cook is the other man in the photo in case there are people who don't know.

CamelSpotter at 11:04 pm January 27


I was just watching it for the first time today, after BroMaynardG posted it.

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: If I'm wrong though, please let me know what this photo is actually from.