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I noticed that Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Eric Idle all have "drool" or otherwise forums or blogs. I haven't come across any for the other three yet, but I'm probably not the only one who thinks they deserve to have their own "drool" page. So I desided to start one. If there already are such pages on Pythonline I'd like to read them so please let me know where to find them.

Here are some photos to get us started:

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arkennedy: early photos

arkennedy: two more photos of Cleese

saphire3711 at 10:10 am December 27

for some reason that second pic really reminds me of james bond maybe its just cleese's devilish charm and his dashing looks or maybe its just me being me but i dont know but he does really remind me of james bond (in a very good way of course)the tux really suits him x]

arkennedy at 10:56 am December 28

I hadn't thought about that before but I see what you mean. There is a James Bond feel to that photo.

Great avatar by the way. I'm a big fan of landscapes.

arkennedy: ...

arkennedy: I thought I'd post these photos together.

Jatta at 1:29 am December 27

I love that man! :D

Anything goes...

arkennedy: ...

arkennedy: Cleese and Gilliam

kisch at 11:19 am December 25

Gimme that Aspen 'terview anyday ! I just love it.

arkennedy: Chapman and Gilliam

arkennedy: ...

arkennedy: Chapman and Cleese.

caroliinee at 10:01 pm January 02

Oh man look at John *swoons*

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

arkennedy: ...

arkennedy: Does anyone know where this photo is from?

crzyltvn at 8:12 pm December 24

but I believe this one is from the Meaning of Life in the death scene where he's saying to Death how he disappreciates the visit.

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus un laimīgu jauno gadu
(Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!)

arkennedy at 9:40 pm December 24


I'm afraid I haven't seen Life of Brian or Meaning of Life yet. Both are hard to find where I live now. I do plan to order the special editions though.

arkennedy at 11:11 am December 25

I just recieved Life of Brian the Emaculate edition for Christmas. So now all I need is the special edition of Meaning of Life. The one who bought Life of Brian for me said it was the last copy the store had and it was hidden in the wrong section.

CamelSpotter at 5:20 pm December 28

Glad you received Life of Brian. I got the Immaculate Edition for Christmas, too! Truly excellent movie. I was happy the deleted scenes were included.

I've heard that the USA generally likes Holy Grail best of the Python movies, while the UK prefers Life of Brian. I'm an American, but I've always felt Brian was by far the best. They all seemed to be at their peak, and the movie had a definite purpose without being preachy. Not to mention the plot was superior to Holy Grail. What do people here think?

arkennedy at 5:54 pm December 28

I liked Holy Grail the best but I will admit Life of Brian did have more of a plot. I also liked the fact that they didn't get preachy in LIfe of Brian.

Have you listened to the commentaries yet? I think they are the best special features on the discs.

CamelSpotter at 5:59 pm December 28

I've listened to both commentaries on Holy Grail, but just the Palin/Cleese one on Life of Brian. And sadly, not on Meaning of Life!

arkennedy at 6:11 pm December 28

You should definatly listen to the Terrys and Eric commentary on Life of Brian. They have a few interesting stories to tell as well.

CamelSpotter at 5:52 am January 04

Finally watched with the Gilliam/Jones/Idle commentary on Life of Brian. They're so much fun to listen to. I love Gilliam's tortured artistic sense since he's not directing.

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: Sorry it's a bit blurry but here is a pic of John and his daughter Cynthia from AFCW. Does anyone have a better copy to post?

Johnnyrose at 3:41 pm January 02

"Welease Bwian!"

arkennedy at 9:42 pm January 02

This is a photo I haven't seen. I love the look on John's face in this photo. Thanks for posting it.

kisch: More at www.gettyimages.com
Those are fresh pix from Dubai.
This beard of his is great, Ilove it. Makes him look younger !

Jatta at 6:31 am December 24

I love that beard too.
He looks so good!

Anything goes...

crzyltvn at 9:38 pm December 20

Looks better with a beard than without one! Even the grey suites him. Awesome pictures.

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

arkennedy at 9:35 pm December 20

He does look good with a beard.

kisch: I can't remember if it has been posted or not.
Gorgeous profile innit.

arkennedy at 9:39 pm December 20

I don't know if it's been posted in another blog or forum or not. It hasn't been posted in this blog before though. Great pic of John by the way. Thanks for posting it.

arkennedy: ...

crzyltvn at 9:40 pm December 20

Why does that not like John to me? Someone smack me!

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

arkennedy: Photos of Graham don't seem to be easy to find either. Any pics of Graham anyone has are also welcome.

arkennedy: One of the best pics I've found of Gilliam (in my opinion).
Earlier photos of Gilliam seem to be hard to find, so if there is anyone who has any early photos of Gilliam that would like to post them in this blog there more than welcome to do so.

arkennedy: Here are three more photos.

kisch: I love this pic.
It's so... I dunno. It tells a story.

what_the_fuck at 2:51 pm December 21

oh they look lovely together!!

Lady April at 9:25 am December 18

I've never seen a pic of John, Con and Cyn together! Great pic Kisch!!!

kisch at 9:29 am December 18

tons of great pix at www.corbis.com !
Brillinat site, and they don't have stupid watermarks across lovely faces !

arkennedy at 11:35 am December 18

I haven't seen that pic of John, Connie and Cynthia either. I'll have to check out that site as well. Thanks!

Lady April at 10:05 am December 18

A must go to then eh? Thanks my dearest Kischy!!!

arkennedy: I just noticed I had only posted two photos of Graham but three of John and Gilliam in their individual posts eariler. Anyway here is another Graham photo.

arkennedy: This photo was from an interesting sketch that I just watched again recently. I can't say I blame him for his reactions to the job interview.

The other two photos are just photos that I like and decided to post.

These are older articles so some of you have probably already read them but I thought I'd post the links anyway in case anyone hadn't read them:


arkennedy: Now it's Gilliam's turn to have a few of his pics posted.

Lady April at 10:20 pm December 15

That center one of Terry is soooo cute! He's got that butt chin that is soo common in my family. My Dad calls it "butt-face" LOL, My daughter has a butt-face too :D Terry is adorable :P

arkennedy: Here are more photos of John Cleese.

arkennedy: He had a great smile, didn't he?

Unfortunatly it seems as though the image I wanted to post is in the wrong format to post on this site. So here's the link if anyone wants to see it.


If anyone is able to post this image please feel free.