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I noticed that Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Eric Idle all have "drool" or otherwise forums or blogs. I haven't come across any for the other three yet, but I'm probably not the only one who thinks they deserve to have their own "drool" page. So I desided to start one. If there already are such pages on Pythonline I'd like to read them so please let me know where to find them.

Here are some photos to get us started:

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arkennedy at 10:02 pm December 13

I decided to try posting the picture of Graham again. The top photo is the "great smile" photo I was refering to before.

The only thing I did differently is the first time I changed the name of the photo and this time I didn't. I wonder why changing the name made a difference.

Jatta: DROOOOL! :) They deserve it :)

Anything goes...

MontyPython93: Graham is very good-looking^^

Lady April: That works too :) I have an artwortk Blog for Terry G and a John Blog as well. I actually have a bunch of TG's artwork un posted yet.

Jatta at 3:55 am December 15

Thank you :)
Terry G. looks like he wants to blow something up :)
What other treasures are you still keeping from us?

Anything goes...

Lady April at 6:28 am December 15

I did actually post some of his art that I have in a thread under his name in the Forum. Then also in my Blog for Terry's work.

Jatta at 4:00 pm December 21

I just get my hands on "dark knights & holy fools" and I've been drooling all over it :)

Anything goes...

retrogirl at 10:29 am December 14

Who's the baby on the orange picture?
so cute

arkennedy at 10:36 am December 14

It's John, isn't it?

retrogirl at 10:43 am December 14

he looks like the dad and mom.
he was already a big baby lol

Lady April at 11:32 am December 14

From Top to bottom, Terry G. in High School, Johnny boy (gorgeous lil baby) and Graham(sitting) and his brother.

arkennedy at 10:03 pm December 15

Great photos.

In fact that's one of my favorite early photos of Graham.

Anymore photos anyone wants to post are welcome.