Do you want to name your baby after Pythons' characters?

Swedish couple had named their son ‘Q’ after 007 films

A couple in Sweden has appealed to the country’s supreme court in their fight to name their baby boy ‘Q’, legal papers showed Friday. Judges ruled in the couple’s first appeal in January that Q was not an “appropiate” name for a child, arguing that Swedish law forbade names consisting of just one letter. In their written appeal to Sweden’s Supreme Court, the parents Rickard Rehnberg and Thitathorn Sukjit called on judges to reverse the previous ruling. “There is now a child who answers to the name of Q. What does Sweden gain by forcing him to take on a new name?” they said. In an earlier judgement in September 2008, Rehnberg and Sukjit told the court they had named the boy Q after the eccentric inventor from the James Bond films, a claim they have not since repeated. The Swedish Supreme Court was expected to give its verdict within the coming months. afp

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the_thina: I dont know really. I have a friend whos daughters name is leeloo (5th element)
but I dont think Im ever gonna get any children. but my cat is named selina after the catwoman in one of tim burtons batman-movies.
if it is a nice name and fits the personality I guess I would be able to give that name to a kid. but how you can tell your childs personality when its only an infant I dont know..

pjev93: I guess I could have named my children after a character, but only if it was a quite normal name.

No time Toulouse!

BroMaynardG at 5:13 am June 27

Our 18 yo was supposed to be a Christmas Baby (I hate using an X to shorten that word!!!!)

So her name is "Holly". (In Enero)

(Every garage sale, guess what items we snatched up!)

Middle Name, that was the question!

We went thru a lotta names, to make sure her initials would be appropriate.

Imagine if you were Susanne Heather Trembly? Initials are SHT, pretty close to Shit!

We figured HLF (half) would not be too bad for her psyche.

But the name??????????????

I went for Leuia, the "Goer" (yes, Tiel my wife) went for "Lynn".

Guess who won?

And, Guess who's name is not HOLLY LEUIA?

Lord, have mercy!

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christinah3000: I would not call my child after a character, i guess.. but i would not mind giving it a name like Michael or Terry.. they sound wonderful :)

TheSister91: NO I WON'T!

"Consider... consider the lily"

Lady April: I am not saying DON'T name your child creativly, but if it is just for a hoot in the beginning the kid will be the one to suffer. In the 1970's April was not a common name and I suffered greatly. It really did suck! My daughters name, Emily -after Pink Floyd, was thrown on at the last minute. For months before she was born her name was just going to be Aeon Kismet and for good reason. I'd wanted a kid for years and she came VERY quickly, seriously like a bat out of hell and you've no idea! Aeon Kismet meaning An infinate period of time and Destiny, the name was her. At the same time I didn't want her to be teased. Enter Syd's Pink Floyd phase.
I also know a girl in Portland Oregon who named her son Anakin Jereth - I am not shitting you! Yes after Skywalker and David Bowie's Goblin King. I am not opposed to naming your kids after something you feel from deep within. Why not name him John after Cleese, or Ken after Shabby or Pile? I think even creative names are great and copycat is a great form of flattery too.


BroMaynardG at 9:05 am May 11

Pregnancy was horrific. The local hospital (Ocala, Fla) refed us to Gainesville (40 miles away) {Home of the Gaytors}.

Being an FSU person, that was a slap!

False calls! Drive 40 miles!

Holly was due on our anniv, which woulda been real cool!

But, she lingered! A ten month pregnancy.

So, instead of Holly Lynn (as we'd planned), when she popped I wanted to name her Holly Luiah. {Actually Pythonoc - "Brian be Praised!"} (Sorry, Biggles, if she were a boy, then maybe - Biggles II!)

BroMaynardG at 4:58 am June 26

I just got a warm fuzzy!


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Lady April at 11:07 am May 11

Yuh, If I ever have 3 more kids, whether bou or girl, I will name em Biggles, Fang and Ximinez.


BroMaynardG at 11:31 am May 11

And I Like IT!

(BTW - She was 7 before she learned that rocks can't swim. Before that, she used to brag that "Daddy taught me to swim like a ROCK")

Jatta: I've done that... played with the tought of giving my child a really silly name. But if I ever have one I probably won't. At least here that child has to live 16 years with that name before he(or she) can change it. And those years can be hell... I quite agree with Lady A. And if one really must call their child "Q" why can't that be just nickname? Why does it have to be "official"?

Anything goes...

caroliinee: haha! Sounds like something I would do. I would give ANYTHING to name my future sons Frodo and Link. Gosh, what would I give to get away with that? Though, I know that if I DO have a son one day, I'll name him John. Not only because of Cleesey but because of Lennon aswell. I used to be attatched to James, because of James Potter (Harry Potter's dad, one of my favorite characters). Yeah, I know, I have no life. But seriously, I would love to name them Link and Frodo :)

Wheres the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?!

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: but hopefully nothing too embarrassing. Unless I became famous, then I could get away with it (kidding!)
No worries, I doubt I'll have children anyway; I'd make a horrible mother.

I don't see to big an issue with naming children after pop culture references as long as it could be used in a way that blends in. As abnormal as I am I'd want to give my child the chance to be normal. If they'd really want to stand out they could always change it later I suppose. A name's just something you call them it doesn't really define a person.

Like my name, Katie.
Sounds like some cheerleader name or a girl who'd be queen of her prom. I'm not even cut out of the knock off of that material.

Though 'm not one to talk. My name is from a book/movie. KATIE Scarlet O'Hara of Gone With the Wind and the difference in spelling of my middle name from my father's is mine's more girly and also the last name of Vivian who played Scarlet in the movie.

Let me just say that I really have star Trek on the brain for at first I was thinking of the wrong Q...

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

Lady April: The insanity and immaturity of some people. Not to metion the selfishness involved. When the kids grow up they will be teased and treaded like crap.


PixelPixie at 2:31 am May 10

I don't think these people love their child. They may think it's fun but it's rather sad

atrocetomique at 11:02 pm May 09

fortunately they hadn't named the baby "non-gollila" or "nigger-baiter" :-p

PixelPixie at 2:48 am May 10

Non-Gorilla! Hurry up, you'll be late from your piano lessons! And Nigger-baiter! Stop picking your nose! lol.
In our ambit lived a gypsy family who named their younger child Rocky. (and the older is Fernando after some soap) It sounds friggin ridiculous when the mother is yelling at him in the small supermarket w hungarian accent ROOOOOOKYYYY!!!! PUT THAT DOWN!! WE WONT BUY THAT SHIT! etc

atrocetomique at 7:23 am May 10

I wasn't picking my nose, mom!