Filming Locations Tour on Google Earth

i found Doune Casle and Silly Walks' filming location on Google Earth.
i've never visited UK. but i can take virtual walks on the street-view.
it's very odd feeling and amuse.

* Doune Castle
Jump to: 56 11'6.06 N, 4 2'59.73 W,-4.0499258&z=18

* Ministry of Silly Walks
Jump to: 51 30'33.94 N, 0 14'20.36 W,-0.23898876&z=18

i want to see the canal where Mr. Palin was knocked into.
or the court where Cardinal Ximinez run into.
would someone please help me to find the other locations?


* Fish Slapping Dance
Jump to: 51 25'53.57 N, 0 19'26.54 W,-0.32403889&z=18

* Castle Aaargh
Jump to: 56 34'16.64 N, 5 23'10.79 W,-5.386331&z=14&t=h

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Johnnyrose: ... at these sites, you'll like it...


"Welease Bwian!"

kisch: Fish-Slapping Dance was filmed at Teddington Lock.
And Spanish Inquizition ran into, what, Royal Court Of Justice I suppose ?...

I know I talk too much about Michael Palin...

atrocetomique at 9:49 am May 03

thank you for your information.
i put a flag of fish slapping dance.

i saw the royal court of justice.
that was very beautiful white gothic building but unfortunately the court in the film was baroque style with a dome on top. maybe it was a church or something.
i walked around (in street-view) the trafalgar square to look for similar church, but finally i couldn't find.
anyway i could see the lovely views in London. the red double-decker bus. lively people... that was a good passing-time on Sunday afternoon

BroMaynardG at 6:29 pm May 02

I even found both peaks of Mount Everest!

Huge Tracts of Land!

Good pig country? Could be soon, with global warming!


jupiterblue at 6:02 pm May 03

That made me LOL!
Laugh out loud!

atrocetomique at 9:56 am May 03

ah i can see both peaks!
maybe i need contact lenses.

BroMaynardG at 10:24 am May 03

Just for you!

(Is that Haiku?)

I Really Think So!