The Ting Tings-That's not my Name

Enjoy. and vote.

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scottp: Excellent Mash!!!

barfolishus at 10:09 am December 30

thanks! Yeah the ting tings are a new english band. I actually first heard this song on a radio in a taxi whilst in London. heh.
I'm a Lady!

kermit: That was really good! I liked it!!Very nice indeed! But I do have a question. Since I am more of a Rock n Roll kind of guy, what IS her name?

barfolishus at 4:36 am December 27

well, her actual name is Katie White.

thanks very much!

I'm a Lady!

kermit at 1:51 pm December 27

that after watching, I had that song in my head for the rest of the day.

barfolishus at 6:56 pm December 27

yes, it is a rather catchy tune.

I'm a Lady!