How Does it, er How Does It Work?

Forgive me Brethren, Sisteren, and you too, Loretta!

My first mash (if it works).

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scottp: Your first mashcast... Was it good for you?? it was good for us and fun to watch!!


gna42: AWESOME! Keep practicing! You're definitely onto something... (wait for it)....


RSMBiggles: Very nice use of armament.
Very nicely done indeed, Now did you remember to fill out requisition A-omega-zed 429 for the use of
Nucular weapons as opposed to A-omega-zed 924 for the use of Nuclear weapons and not to be in anyways misconstrued with
form A-zed-Omega 294 for the use of "new clear" bath soap. Without proper documentation you might be fined and sent down
a level to retake survival course 101 WTF in the proper use of making a paper trail to confuse enemy mid-level beauraucrats