..soo, i'm writing a school report on chewing gum, and I wondered if anyone has any intersting facts, or anything??
[edit] OH! and I'm supposed to write an essay too, so any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated:)


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caroliinee: I HATE gum. It's gross and I just hate even looking at it. Ever since being in High School, gum has grossed me out because people stick in it random gross places, I hate seeing it chewed up, and I hate puting my hands underneath the desk and feeling someones nasty chewed up gum.

There is something about gum, why some people hate it :)

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dinosaursarenomore at 7:50 am March 26

you really saved me there:)
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arkennedy at 8:32 am March 26

I'm happy to help.

eMMI: It takes YEARS for gum to decompose. (so stop throwing it into the nature and/or streets!)

Sellin gum was banned in Singapore for many a year. Since 2004 (I think) it's been ok to buy stuff like nicotine gum from pharmacies, but you need to show your ID.


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crzyltvn: It is a myth that it takes 7 days for you to get swallowed gum out of your system.
That's about all I know. Interesting subject, now that I think about it.

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eMMI: I heard that you shouldn't chew gum for more than 15 minutes cause it can be bad for your jaws.


"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."