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joeg: what no Toto?

Pachorruo: Notice the counter rythm in the central section of the song when the lead singer sings "Georgy
Porgy ,etc." The harmony is based in eastern patterns of the XIX century mixed with reinassance madrigal as a form of expression of the w.c. fields .
Do really Georgy Porgy, in a freudian manner , kissed the girls and say goodbye ? He surely must have an Oedipus complex fighting with the super ego , the id and all of them practising mental kung fu.
This is a very interesting proof of avant garde contemporary performance in an internet setting.

Writ Sillyboy
Music reviewer

Ron Obvious at 10:15 pm January 14

...hell are you talking about, Pachorruo?!!? I see English words, but...huh?????? LOL

Bloody vikings!

Pachorruo at 12:31 am January 18

To be published in silly music magazines kind of intellectual hahaha hohoho

scottp at 2:06 pm January 13

where is Jeff Porcaro's killer groove that we love so much!! Thats all it needs to be a HIT!!.. Nice one Eddy!!