It's raining in Los Angles!

OK, the Brits aren't as shocked, but I am. I (impatiently)wait for this time of year. I'm from the Midwest you see, and we're used to "weather". Don't get me wrong, I love Los Angeles, but I DO miss a more grandiose display of seasonal entrance.

I'm getting ready to head into the office and drive in the rain.. WITHOUT driving 3 mph on the 134 freeway.. (a talent that somehow eludes most native Californians).

The sound of the rain on the tin roof of my lil' house... hmmm... (it's hard to call in "sick" when the bosses are watching...I'm going, I'm going!)

Ever wonder if Eric Idle or John Cleese bought homes in California JUST for the convenience of work? I'd have to say the lack of appreciation for cold, rainy, dreary weather probably played a great part in the decision.

Alright, I'm off to puddle jump my way to the car.

Enjoy the day, where ever you are!

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chainsaw: I'm one of the people that drives 3 mph on the freeway during rain. I used fly in the rain!!!! Then, I crashed into a wall!!! :)