OK, I've digressed (again). Firstly, I'm no writer... I'm a stream of consciousness kind of girl. Take it as your final warning. I tend to butcher the English language, with little regard for the occasional split infinative.

I just wanted to express how excited I am to be involved with the live event happening tomorrow night at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica! Sharon Lester from Rainbow Releasing is providing the prints for a showing of Holy Grail and Life of Brian through American Cinematheque ( We're going to be meeting a LOT of Python fans... all in one place... ooooh the possibilities!

We'll also have a bunch of people showing up in costume, and if anyone mentions PythOnline, we'll have great prizes for them!

OK, I'm overly excited. It's my natural state. If you're in the Los Angeles area, come to the Aero Theatre Saturday, November 24th, 2007 at 7 PM and have some Pythonically silly fun. Ask for Zoot.

How's THAT for English?!

See you there!

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RGHunt57: I think I had a dream this morning that I attended the Santa Monica screening. I was in a movie theatre and there were a lot of people wearing cardboard helmets- sound familiar?

RSMBiggles: Yes of course live events are fun!!! No stench of the rapidly decaying flesh or the stiffness of rigor mortis to contend with. Not having to worry about the zombies trying to eat the theatre staff. The fact that living people have a tendancy to make most of the major purchases in any fiscal year is an important fact to remember.

We of the Non-commissioned set prefer our recruits breathing and full of life.

Yours in the Service of Python
Regimental Sergeant-major Biggles

scottp at 1:25 pm November 24

"No stench of rapidly decaying flesh or stiffness of rigor mortis to contend with" Thanks for reminding me!!!

scottp: Should be BIG FUN!!!