Python LIVE!

The Aero Theatre nearly 400 of us, being silly...

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scottp: More pics please!! Maybe create a station and put them all in one post??



gna42 at 10:44 am December 01

There are so many endless possibilities with Mashcaster that I'm still learning!

I'll work on it post haste!

Thanks Scott!

scottp at 9:28 pm December 01

Practice makes perfect!

joeg: "riveting...An innovative piece of Gonzo Journalism"

"The drama of Bergman coupled with the edge of Truffaut"

"I thought those poeple dressed funny"

gna42 at 9:35 am November 29


Awesome... Thanks!

joeg at 11:47 pm November 29

you? or us?

gna42 at 9:33 am November 30


johnsonkatt: Were there any other photos forthcoming, then??

I feel so...."teased." ::))

Give us MORE~TT