Tip - Want to Upload Video into PythOnline? Here's How

Check this out my Python Brethren. If you want to upload video it's easy peezee, simple as pie, easy as cake. You have to login of course.

[1] Go to either the "Create" link atop or the "create content" link on the left side bar

[2] Click on Blog - give your entry a 'Title', and Type what you want to say in the 'Body' text area.

[3] Below the Body Text Area where it says "Attach new file" click the browse button and find a video on your computer you want to upload. Select your video.

[4] Hit the "Upload" button - this will upload your video.

[5] Scroll to the bottom and click on "Submit" for all the Monty Python Fans to see.

This will show up in your blog and in the Inbox.

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