I declare this...

''Do something risible in public'' Day.

Here's one of three ridiculous videos of me doing a silly walk in a crowded place.
This one was the first, done in a shopping mall, and what you can't see is that on the other side, behind the camera, there were about 100 people eating some tim horton's in the hall...All staring at yours truely, a little freak in a suit looking very silly indeed.

Hands off to Cleese, I must say, for a silly walk IS actually a lot more difficult to perform than it seems.

My contribution to the ministry.
And of course, the army

Two more of these coming up so you can all laugh at me some more

And now, as GNA challenged me, I now challenge you fellow pythonites, to do something silly in public.

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TheSister91: I know someone elso who can do something similar...

"Consider... consider the lily"

thedoctor92: you put the rest of us to shame ;)
If Mike wasn't so cute, I would get so much more done....

CamelSpotter: A model army member.

Videor Quaero Punctume

Susana Mendonca: Hands and hat off to you! And a standing ovation!
Hurray Gwen! That was brilliant!

gna42: I'm assuming that's who's holding the camera!

I've heard JC say that his knees really hurt after doing this for any period of time... I can't see how ANYONE could do it for any extended period of time! rehearsing this must have been brutal.



"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

Gwen Dibley at 11:03 am March 28

The burp...like the cherry on top of a sundae right
yes it is kind of weird on the legs, and john managed to look so straight and upwright, whilst I end up looking weird and limp

''I'm a strange person''

i want out at 6:04 pm March 28

...i have tried this in a costume cupboard back in the bowels of the High School drama wing... I am not terribly good at it, but i WIll Keep practising. It is great when I have a couple of python-obsessed friends laughing and throwing things in front of me to hop/step/goose-leg over.

BroMaynardG at 7:07 pm March 28

Oh Yeah!