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Going All Film Noir... The Music By The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

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Lvndr HppE: The black and white photos seem to work with the video. How long did it take you to make this. And what's with the picture at the bottom?

Hanri at 12:04 pm May 17

The process had a few months of "brewing", in other words I made the slideshow in about a day or two, and the little extra touches (that ScottP suggested, thank you a MILLION!) took another day or two to finish. I tried to pick the best fitting pictures to make the timing with the lyrics somewhat relevant. :)

And the extra pick on the bottom is BroMaynardG (Walking like an egyptian!), and he posted it on the thread during the voting campaign for the new RSM of the Python Army. Hence the "I like Bro" buttons. Love the guy, my favorite Lord Admiral. :)

the_thina: this is one of the bonzo-songs I really didnt like the first time Ive heard it. simply because jazz is not my cup of tea. but it grows on me every time I hear it.
same thing with for example hello mabel or the IBOR-version of urban spaceman.
amazing boys they are (in vivs case were) that can warm up my heart to any kind of music just by making it charmy and crazy

Hanri at 12:03 am May 17

I have one Bonzo song that needed to grow on me like that, and now I love it, and that is 11 Mustachioed Daughters. Gotta love those boys. :)

the_thina at 9:01 am May 17

yeah, they are so... oooh, words cant even describe it. they are LOVE. easy as that. I love "you done my brain in", its not that well known, but it should be because its sooooo amazing! have listened to that on repeat 20 minutes while drinking coffee this morning just to wake up. :) first song in this clip, never get tired of it

Hanri at 11:40 am May 17

It's an odd boy who doesn't like spooooort.... One of my faves. :D Perfect songs on that clip, I must say.

Gotta pick some of their somewhat calm songs to play on the background during our wedding reception. Amongst manny manny other bands' songs.

the_thina at 2:26 pm May 17

quiet talks and summer walks maybe?

Hanri at 11:14 pm May 17

Good one! That's one down. :)

the_thina at 6:33 am May 18

yeah, its an amazing song. so beautiful it almost hurts

the_thina at 6:34 am May 18

depending on where I am in my menstrual cyke that one can make me cry. haha. same thing with godfrey daniel

Hanri at 10:42 am May 18

Ah man, Godfrey ROCKS! I sometimes burst into singing that during long silent moments wherever. I'm gonna have to start writing these down - and GET all of them, I don't even have Godfrey...

the_thina at 10:52 am May 18

yeah, its soooo.... aaah! I cant even hear someone saying "ohio" anymore without singing it quiet for myself.

Hanri at 11:07 am May 18

You just can't resist that voice of his. Damn my car stereo for not working properly during hot weather, can't listen my Neil records (or any record for that matter) on my way to work. :/

the_thina at 12:49 pm May 18

oh, and came to think of one that is perfect for a wedding! "when does a dream begin?"

Hanri at 12:53 pm May 18

Oh yeah, that perfect! I love that song. :)

the_thina at 2:44 pm May 18

yeah me too. but the tapdancing-bit annoys me. not a big fan of tapdncing. in fact, the look on his face when they start sums up very much how I feel about it. haha

Hanri at 10:35 pm May 18

Tapdancing is a big mystery to me. When I was little I always wanted to just know how to do it, but later on not really. What I've seen of any modern tapdance routines they're REALLY cool. But the kind that's on the Innes book, not really my cup of tea.

Oh, oh, oh! How sweet to be an idiot!

the_thina at 6:59 am May 19

dont think Ive seen any modern tapdancing. the whole thing just feels VERY 70s for me. haha. and yeah, I just find it annoying and dont see the point of it at all.

hahaha, yes! and why dont throw in a bunch of rutles-songs as well? I must be in love and back in 64. not exactly ballads, but nice and cute

Hanri at 8:16 am May 19

Back in 64 could work, more of a calm section. And of course I'm gonna tackle through Beatles and Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and a couple Fleetwood Mac tracks as well. And a bunch of finnish bands as well. A biiig project.

the_thina at 8:32 am May 19

yeah. I wish you luck with that. maybe you will help our dear neil to get a few new fans. god knows he deserves it. :)

Hanri at 8:56 am May 19

That would really be something. Neil is a Pro, and sadly there are so very few of us in the world who know it.

the_thina at 9:07 am May 19

yeah. but the thing is that most pepole know who he is, they just dont know they do. haha. the name just gives ju blank staires, but if you say he was the annoying minstrel in holy grail almost everyone know who he is. I think its a real shame that I discovered his music so late in life, but Im happy I did at all.

Hanri at 10:07 am May 19

I finally discovered Neil's music when I first saw the Pythons' Hollywood Bowl show. How sweet to be an idiot really struck my with awe: that guy is REALLY GREAT! And then later on I realized it's the same guy who did the Rutles and the snowball began to grow.

Now I just keep on hunting his music like tigers in Indi-ah! It's like a positive drug.

the_thina at 10:15 am May 19

well, I had heard loads of bonzo as I was growing up, but it never really stuck in my mind then. it was about a year, year and a half ago. when I saw both DNAYS and rutles for the first time within a few weeks.. I had seen holywood bowl, but didnt own it then so I had sort of forgotten about him in that. I knew however that he was in holy grail and life of brian. so it was just a question of time.. and always thought he was sooo adorable in holy grail when he goes "TO FIIIIGHT AAAAND" and then gets told to shout up. hahaha. his facial expressions are so great.

Hanri at 10:28 am May 19

It's funny how faces never stuck with me when I was growing up. Holy Grail is a big part of my childhood, and the minstrels' song is one of the biggest highlights of it all. It was really much later that I realised it's the same guy. Slow to wake up. ;)

the_thina at 10:48 am May 19

haha. well, Im the other way around. I recognize faces, but its names I have problems with.. but if it makes you feel any better he is good at looking completely different depending on what sort of part he is playing. ;)
but now when I start thinking about it, I dont know how I came to know about him, "the 7th python" and all that. it was before almost the truth, but I dont think he was ever mentioned in the 30th anoversery-special, carol was, but not him...
strange, I have no idea when and how I was first told about him and who he was. :/

Hanri at 12:56 pm May 19

But once you know Neil, you're obsessed about him! ;) But seriously, what's there not to love about him. A talent that should be celebrated more.

All I wish is to see him perform live just the one time. Then I could "die happy" as the saying goes. :)

the_thina at 1:14 pm May 19

haha, yeah, there is not a single thing about that man that you dont love once you have gotten into it. humor, intelligence and charm, whats not to love?

and yes, it would be soooo amazing to see him live. *sigh* but well, one can only keep dreaming that the chanse to do so will come one day

Hanri at 1:21 pm May 19

We will have to convince him to pop around POL, just to say hi. That would be like a million bucks would be handed over.

the_thina at 1:29 pm May 19

yeah, but you know he is on twitter, and is very nice and sweet and answers what you say to him. :) not a big shock that he would be nice to you, but still, that he is just makes you sooo happy!

Hanri at 10:52 pm May 19

Yep I'm following him on Twitter, those are lovely tweets. I should start being more active there too.

the_thina at 6:15 am May 20

yeah they sure are. and entertaining. :)

Jatta: You know, it still looks (and sounds) just as good :)

Hanri at 12:09 pm May 13

One of my favorites, with all its simplicity. Thanks, Jatta!

Jatta at 11:48 am May 14

seeing this always makes me want to go and watch all those lovely old movies in my collection. And this really feels like a night to do it :)

thewastelandr at 3:24 pm May 14

Good idea, Jatta! What is your favorite?

Jatta at 8:45 am May 15

you can't ask me that! :) it's like asking my favourite Python sketch.. impossible to choose :) But last night I went for "Key Largo" :) I just love that movie!
The Killers, the Blue Angel and Big Sleep are my favourites too. Yours?

thewastelandr at 11:20 am May 15

Ooh haven't seen any of those! I like The Maltese Falcon a lot, but honestly haven't seen a lot of film noir. Going to use your favorites to get started, though! Thanks for the ideas!

Jatta at 11:05 pm May 15

You're welcome :) And Maltese Falcon is always a good one to start with, one of my favourites too :D

thewastelandr at 6:40 am May 16

Awesome! Yup I'm checking out Key Largo from the library!

Jatta at 7:24 am May 16

Oh goody, if they got it you're in for a treat :)

thewastelandr at 6:59 pm May 16

Found it!! Yes this may have to be my break from homework sometime in the next couple days!

thewastelandr at 6:59 pm May 16

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Jatta at 1:49 am May 17

You're welcome :)

Hanri: I've always loved film noir and Iäve always loved this song. And putting them together there's not much you can do, so that the attention stays in the right places. Thanks, peeps. :)

mrsCutout: oh great!

thewastelandr: "You got a light, mac?"
"No, but I've got a dark brown overcoat."

LOVE THIS!!! Bonzos... wow. Fantastic!

Jatta: Great mash (as usually) but ou do know what you've done now, don't you? It looks like I have to browse through my dvd collection...

Anything goes...

Hanri: an oldie mash, just had been waiting for a couple of extra touches and publishing.

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

TheSister91: thanks great!!

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