Field report the second (TOTALLY CruNk!)

To the adoring public,

Hello and may I say what lovely green eyes you have?
P.F.C. (still) Schwartz reporting once again from the frontlines (Or mabye my backyard? It all looks like siberia!)

Recently, operation cotton candy has come to a screeching halt; mostly because I have found better things to do with my time. Yesterday was the Schools winter dance, so we put on our "warpaint" and various disquises to spy on the enemy. I Managed to stay in my 4" patent leather high heels all night (thank you, boot camp!) and we uh, er, "crunked up a storm" ... Barbel niltake knows what I mean and she will be delighted to detail the details at another time. I was totally ignored by the enemy. IS IT TOO HARD TO ASK FOR A BOYFRIEND? sure, they are achore but they make Parrotty school dances sortof magical. this one was more or less tragical. WHat does it feel like to be one of the beautiful people?

NOw it is question and answer and time:
Question: Could you tell me a story?
Answer: Let me tell you a little story about a boy named-NO!

Yours in all that is Pythonic,
Private First Class

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