From the field....


(no, you louser! it isnt REALLY about fields! Mabye FARMING CLUB DOES do a show on fields but this is a waste of time! SHudduP!)

Hallo to all; espcially the troops and officers. I have been venturing out through my world (as small and painfully pathetic as it is) to bring and spread the word of python. I have also had a few interesting run-ins with uh.. various... nevermind. I digress; the point here, is that I have a few uninteresting stories to share in the hopes of advancing my rank.

The advent of M.C. v17 was a multi-day saga to say the least. It was long and painful but I am back on line (HA!) and all is well again.

I find myself in Physical Education this semester and I feel not at all unlike the gentleman in MEANING OF LIFE who finds himself playing Rugby against the pros. The whole thing brings back painful reminders of boot camp. Funny how one could survive that but NOT a P.E. class. It also cuts seriously into my mashing time. I will have a solo-mash out soon! I SWEAR!

Single-Awareness Day was rather painful on this front. I was reminded in a very poingiant fashion that I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND and I have the inking feeling I never will. The best and only gift I recieved was from my Mother Dearest. She got me a Candy Floss machine! granted, it is only about 18 inches tall and makes candy about the size of your fist at on time; It is operational and totally delicious (the candy; not the machine! how daft!) It is the start of OPERATION CANDY FLOSS. I havent really worked out the details; but they will be soon. For those of you who dont know how cotton candy/ Candy/Fairy/Floss works here is a breif summary:
Granulated, coloured, and flavoured sugar is heated and rotated in a centrifuge and melted. the centrifuge spins the melted sugar out and into the air where it crystalises instantly; creating those sweet strands that you collect with a cone, your hands, your hair, any passerbys hair. I know it is ready to spin when super heated sugar spins into my eyes and/or onto my arm rendering me blind and a little startled.

HOW SWEET! Keep your teeth clean! Cheerio!
x. P.F.C. Astrid

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BroMaynardG: . . . Cotton Candy to me.

(Now for relevance) - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

i want out at 8:16 pm February 15 I just finished liking the sugar out from between my fingers... Man, it is good... though it is a terrible mess. "boo blue" is all over my kitchen table! I have to clean it up before mummy gets upset. I guess in the end it is just sugar.... I mean, it is just melted... and sticky.. and... so delicious.

For those of you who work in any office; I reccomend you purchace a cotton candy machine for your own personal use; think about how much fun you will now have at work!

BroMaynardG at 8:39 pm February 15

(Third day at work. Chinese Restaurant.

She hates Chinese! But let's not go there.)

$40 in tips. Pay day is tomorrow. Her first paycheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes me feel old.

Relevance? She wants to buy a new Dog Kennel! Malomar!


i want out at 8:55 pm February 15

...of buying a cottoncandy machine to celebrate?

......I can celebrate whenever; for me; I am work free!

BroMaynardG at 9:06 pm February 15

I need a Mr. Microphone!


RSMBiggles: that The way into a man's heart is through his stomach then up...
So with you having all sorts of cullinary tools about you shouldn't have a problem.

gna42: like the dramatic kiddy party I attended last year. See you in therapy...

I'm having flash-backs.

Good luck with the sugar rush. It's a terrible let down...

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."