Palin for President!

Only took a few days-excellent!

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dzim8: I just wonder if it would be such fun if we knew the president's funny INTENTIONALLY, unlike... oh never mind.

Duncan Dzim MacCall

BroMaynardG at 3:00 pm October 12

Vote for a Looney! For Real!


Angel Taylor: Best points ever! ^_^ That is so great!

*jumps up and down excitedly*

"Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, cause there's bugger all down here on Earth."

figgster00: Haha that was great. He's said more intelligent phrases as "Dennis" than Palin ever has.

imalumberjack37: he definatly IS more qualified than the other Palin. i would vote for him! "We like Mike!"
you guys should make signs and tshirts and little buttons

BroMaynardG at 3:18 pm September 20


what_the_fuck: WOO HOO! GO PALIN!!!! I'll vote for him!...and that fuzzy thing XD

goonnneeeerrrrr: Yeeaaahhhh..... About time we would have a better world with him in charge, (Sorry for the previous misspelling comment I simply slipped to an S that was meant to be a W, getting so nervous when politics is on the agenda - White House not Shite House)

Ohh Dear I made it!

barfolishus: Ooooooooooooooh yes!!! Finally! The best decision we as a nation could ever make. Palin for president!

Oh! A Scotsmen on a Horse!

ella: Great video, I'd vote for him! ;D

BroMaynardG: . . . that I soiled my armour!


Joychan: Michael Palin for president >_<

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: Brian?
would we be voting Cohen/Palin or Palin/Cohen?

The fuzzy thing is very cute by the way

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

Lady April: Oh very nice then. He would be a President worth drooling over! So he's Brit. Big Deal. Arnold wasn't born in the US either and he is a Gov. ???

CK1222: Haha, cool video. That's right, Blackmail' we all vote on Michael! :-D

Blackmail: Cool! We all vote on Michael, yay!

Monty Petra: I got a free fuzzy thing!!!

I'd vote for him (if I was old enough to vote)! We should totally elect him. XD.

- Uttered by Monty Petra, Queen of Planet Palin (Mrs)

Lady April at 5:41 am September 11

here we have Michael for President of the US with Lil Fuzzy Thing as his running mate! Best line up this Country has had since the 1800's! I'll vote for this party :P

MontyMaria: Go, Michael, go, you owns!!
He's Got my vote too!! ;)

jude_rockwell: Now I have seen everything...Brilliant work!

Johnnyrose: "Welease Bwian!"

pythongeek03: Now People are understanding the right Palin to choose
He's Got my vote!!
Thanks Jeremy for the clip!!

Oh Your No Fun Anymore

Hanri: That was hilarious! XD *falling off my chair laughing*

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

Johnnyrose: ... don't you think?

"Welease Bwian!"

Faminu at 8:43 am September 07

Johnnyrose at 2:11 pm September 07

... nice of you to inform us!

"Welease Bwian!"

pining parrot at 7:26 am October 13

Go to for pins, t-shirts, and even thongs!

BroMaynardG at 1:55 pm October 13

Sarah Palin:
Don't pick your nose.
Michael Palin:
I wasn't picking my nose. I was scratching.
Sarah Palin:
You was picking it, while you was talking to that lady.
Michael Palin:
I wasn't!
Sarah Palin:
Leave it alone. Give it a rest.
Do you mind? I can't hear a word he's saying.
Sarah Palin:
Don't you 'do you mind' me. I was talking to my husband.
Well, go and talk to him somewhere else. I can't hear a bloody thing.
Michael Palin:
Don't you swear at my wife.
I was only asking her to shut up, so I can hear what he's saying, Big Nose.
Sarah Palin:
Don't you call my husband 'Big Nose'!
Well, he has got a big nose.
Could you be quiet, please?


Lady April at 2:37 pm September 14

Running with Cleese is much better than fuzzy thing! Dude, I am in love with this idea :D Nice one Jr :)

dinosaursarenomore at 2:16 pm September 05

haha thats freakin hilarious LMFAO!!!!
"Drooling (also known as ptyalism or sialorrhea) is when saliva flows outside the mouth. Drooling is generally caused by excess production of saliva, ina...OR by michael palin

jeremytoogood at 2:09 pm September 05

I am such a dimbulb I couldn't figure out how to post the video. I'm glad you did, though.

Johnnyrose at 2:17 pm September 05

... just select the code (with a lot of letters, numbers and bars), copy it and paste on the place you want.

"Welease Bwian!"

jeremytoogood at 2:20 pm September 05

Now I know, I won't make you do it next time, I'll do it meeself! You learn so much on Pythonline!

Johnnyrose at 2:22 pm September 05

... put it on so I take mine off...
It's better in the begining of the page... go on...

"Welease Bwian!"

jeremytoogood at 2:31 pm September 05

I did it! Johnnyrose for President! Or at least Michael's VP!

Johnnyrose at 2:36 pm September 05

... can't take mine of... I'm not alloud after reciving a post...
The important is that someone else might lern too.

Tank you, jeremytoogood, for indicate us who we should vote.

"Welease Bwian!"