pepper frogs


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barfolishus: pepper frogs!! OH NO!! "they're coming to take me away, hah, they're coming to take me away, haha, hehe, hoho, to the funny farm" ok, i have to stop now. before i go too far.

A shroe! A shroe! My dingkom for a shroe!

Greensnottynapkin: Imagine them dried in the sun. Grinded through a pepper mill. Squeak, squeak, there's finetuning for ya. Nevertheless, they are my friends. Because they are green and slimy.

Susana Mendonca: That was fun! =D

scottp: Pretty scary...

gna42: It's a sign...

of the apocalypse...

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

BroMaynardG: . . . a Pepper.

Wouldn't you like to be a yada yada?