Thanksgiving Sermon

Happy Thanksgiving !

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scottp: way cool!! What is that from and who is it???

joeg at 3:17 pm November 22

John Byrd preaching about "the Heavenly Airplane" and playing guitar accompanied by Washboard Walter Taylor and Mae "Sister Jones" Glover. The song "I've been 'buked and I've been scorned" is a traditional spiritual. This done around 1929, I think.

scottp at 4:06 pm November 22

they just don't write em like that anymore..Thanks for the info!!

sysadmin at 10:47 am November 23

wait till my new '78 comes out

gna42 at 11:49 pm November 22

As you probably noticed we have similar musical taste (I'll try to keep it down). Thanks for putting in something I've never heard before!

Very cool mash... I'm working on one... It'll be up soon...!

Hope you had a great Turkey day!