Spamalot London - more photos

Well now I can proudly say that I've seen Spamalot 5 times and I really hope it's not the last time. It's such a good show! This time, I took 'er indoors (the wife - Caroline). She'd heard so much about it, seen 'West End Star' clips of Nina, heard Harry (my son) and I humming the tunes around the house and she's heard tracks from the Spamalot CD - and now, finally, she's seen it too. Needless to say, she enjoyed it and laughed at bits I didn't expect her to (and vice versa).

The difference between Nina's first performance (the last time I saw the show) and now was striking. She is so much more relaxed and confident in the role which is understandable since her family, most of Sweden and the world's media weren't in the audience this time! I love the cross-eyed thing she does and all of her funny bits in her songs were brilliant e.g. in 'Find Your Grail', when she sings "right on" and "gr-a-a-i-l", and the piss take of the Cleo Lane-style singing in the cabaret part of the Camelot scene was SO funny. Great improvement too with her spoken lines "But you're not alone Arthur" etc, from which the theatre's vocal coach seems to have removed all traces of any Swedishness.

The evening was rounded off nicely when we went backstage after the show to say hello to her. (We wanted to see Alan Dale too but, unfortunately, we missed him). Nina told us how happy she was living in London and being the Lady of the Lake and how she doesn't want this to ever end.

Well, at the rate you are going Nina, it may never end! I just found this in Google News:

"Monty Python spin-off Spamalot, last year took out a contract with Swedish channel TV3, to locate an actress to play the part of the Lady of the Lake. Since the actress, Nina Soderquist started performing at the Palace Theatre; ticket sales for Spamalot have gone from 10th to 1st among Swedish tourists coming to London."

And here's a world exclusive (as far as I can tell): the lyrics to Diva's Lament have changed again! First it was Britney Spears, then Elaine Paige and Posh Spice - and now...Heather Mills! I'll blog the full lyrics as soon as I know them.

I took a few photos of the evening - hope you like them. Until next time :)

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BroMaynardG: Riveting!

I undid some, so I'll go and change!


johnalexwood at 7:36 pm April 04

Wow - these photos are huge - should I have made them smaller or what? What's the protocol round here?

johnalexwood at 4:31 am April 05

Well now I've managed to get the photos to a sensible size but 2 additional pictures of King Arthur have appeared and there's no way to get rid of them! Oh well.

johnalexwood at 5:44 am April 05

OK so now I've finally sussed it! Phew!

LadyLovelace at 6:39 am April 05

you aren't the only one who has trouble with these things!


"Lightly Killed"

johnalexwood at 10:04 am April 05

It's good to know it's not just me then.