Can anybody find these pictures of Carol with better quality?

... if so, please post it... because the quality of them are terrible, and Carol deserves better...

Because I've been running, and searching, and digging... and... nothing... can't find them anywhere... suggestions?

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arkennedy: Here is something else that might be useful if you don't mind downloading something. It's a program called photoscape.

I have it on my computer and I like it because it's very easy to use and so far it's the only program I've found that lets you enlarge pics without messing up the quality.
It also does other things.

Here's the link

thewastelandr at 2:15 pm February 17

I have it, but am not sure how to use that program to enlarge without messing up the quality?? Could you explain how once in the program, arkennedy? Thanks!!

arkennedy at 11:19 pm February 17

Sure :)

What I do when I resize an image is...
when is click on resize I click on the word resize and make sure I don't click on the arrow. After that I made sure that "preserve aspect ration" is clicked.

So far that's always worked for me. Whenever I have tried resizing pics without preserving the aspect ratio my images have lost quality.

I hope that helps.

thewastelandr at 7:16 am February 18

It works!!!!! Yaaaaay! Thank you, arkennedy!

arkennedy at 12:51 pm February 20

You're welcome :)

Johnnyrose at 1:07 pm February 20

I thank you too, arkennedy, now her's an interesting and very complet program!

arkennedy at 1:21 pm February 20

You're welcome as well :)

arkennedy: ... If you go to you can upload and edit photos for free. Once you upload a photo click on autofix. Then save the result on your computer.

If you want to resize the photo (DrPic only allows you to make the pic smaller) go to PiccyFix: and upload the pic you just saved from
( does a better job with black and white photos) and run the rotate and resize only steps.

The two websites work well together in my opinion.

That's what I did with two of these photos. Perhaps someone else will know of a better site for fixing photos and will post the link. Or maybe they'll have better copies of the photos.

Johnnyrose at 6:40 pm April 13

Now her's a girl filled with resorces. Thanks, I'll try out.

"Welease Bwian!"