Eric and the lovely Carol

... so romantic, isn't it?

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Stig: I feel sorry for poor Mike. Hang in there buddy! Your too good for that tart!

Kasmira: "This is your moment, Arthur Pewtey"

Paute at 6:05 pm January 31

You are a man or a mouse?

thewastelandr at 6:06 pm January 31

Why don't you put a piece of cheese on the floor and find out.
- the Three Stooges

MontyPython93: And mike at the background xD

Lady April at 9:04 am January 06

always a bonus =P

Kasmira: Oh dear... Lucky lady, exactly! Those eyes Eric has... I'd melted for them...

Fettle: Carol is a very lucky lady!!!

Lvndr HppE: Honestly, if young Eric Idle had walked up to me as smoothly as he went up to Diedre Peuty, I wouldn't have been able to turn him away either.

Lady April: we should really double date, You with Carol and myself with... well... you know :D

Stig at 9:59 pm January 05

Whatabout a triple date I'll take Connie Booth and when Carol gets sick of johnny which will take a few minutes I'll toss Connie aside for Carol, I'll get slapped in the face and you'll be stuck with carol connie and...well... you know :D

Johnnyrose at 3:44 pm January 05

It's a date!

Lady April at 6:32 pm January 05

Is this a date where 3rd base is an option??? When I feel I cannot keep my hands to myself I will depart your's and the lovely carols company...=D