The Very droolable Carol

... endeed...

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Hanri at 5:04 am March 29

One can only dream...

"Mr. Bounder, this man is interested on the India overland, and nothing else."
And the disappointment on Mikes face.

Oh dear.

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

caroliinee: OH DANG!
look at that hair! Is it real?

Wheres the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?!

DoryPython at 3:46 am March 27

I'm always envious of her hair!!!

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

Johnnyrose at 3:05 am March 29

"Welease Bwian!"

arkennedy: image is from Cardinal Fang's website and the other is from alamy images.


Lady April at 3:36 pm March 28

What a cute little girly!!! Right on!


Johnnyrose at 4:18 pm March 26

... that's so sweet of you....

It's so strange that there are so little pictures of her, isn't it???

"Welease Bwian!"

arkennedy at 4:26 pm March 26

The best source I know of is her official website. Here's the link:

kermit at 2:55 am March 27

I can never get enough of lovely Carol. So beautiful.


I'm real slow sometimes

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 4:18 pm March 26

She's such a cute little girl
Not at all like my disturbing pictures of when I was a little boy.... er, girl. I've never been a boy! xD

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

Johnnyrose: ...spank me!!

"Welease Bwian!"

RSMBiggles at 7:35 am August 03

oooh I've been wicked

Johnnyrose at 12:57 pm August 03

A versatile actriss...

"Welease Bwian!"