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ladycaviar: I think he is cleverly and artfully hiding the straw in the wine bottle with his hand.

gna42 at 9:41 am December 11

...And it's a curly straw.

sysadmin: Observe closely - Jonathan contemplates for the 179th time this year, "What would John Cleese drink...Red or White?"

gna42 at 6:32 pm December 04

Well, I'm sure it's not 2 Buck Chuck... I wonder if Cleese has ever had 'plonk'? (not lately at least).

BroMaynardG: I think RSM Biggles has already submitted a mashcast-ready image of this pose (attributed to August Rodin - [Terry G. {no relation} must have a thing for Rodinese sculptures.])

I first saw this one sitting at Dobie's Pad.

gna42 at 9:29 am December 04

but there's never any craft service there??!! But there might be an igloo soon...