Prince Charles caught stealing Tree's

Here is another zany comical news desk sketch I wrote for UK satire TV back in 1977...

This is one about Princess Charles ...The Queen's joke shop eared son!

And now for some more news on the royal family....

Today Prince Charles the Queen's joke shop eared buffoon of a son, was again up to more of his juvenile delinquent tricks.... this time he was caught stealing tree's from the gardens of residents local to his Highgrove Estate near Tetbury, UK, he was caught red handed dragging a chestnut tree out of the garden of Mr Alfred Sticklebank in Sherwood Road, by angry police who were called to the scene by several angry residents, all of whom had tree's stolen from their garden by Prince Charles, the said trees were all loaded onto a pick up truck which had also been stolen by Prince Charles earlier.

Earlier, residents had seen Prince Charles talking to the tree's he subsequently stole from residents gardens, and he was reported to have hugged 3 of them as if they were people, some believe he was mistaking them for humans, as he appeared to embrace them as if they were real people.

Prince Charles was dragged handcuffed into a police van, and taken away amidst jeering and angry residents.

Later in Tetbury Magistrates Courts Prince Charles was sentanced to serve 30 years in Brampton Psychiatric Hospital as it was clear that Prince Charles was mentally ill, with an advanced form of dementia and delusions, after he told the court that he had fallen deeply in love with the tree's he had stolen and felt that they needed a serious talking to about how he felt about them, which was difficult to do when they were in other people's gardens, so he felt the need to remove them and taken them to his home at Highgrove House, where they would he felt be less lonely and unloved, since he was able to give them a better move valued life in the grounds of his mansion.

Prince Charles was lead down the cells of the court with glazed eyes looking as if he was in a trance. He was also fined £3,000,000 for damages to the local residents gardens, and the owner of the stolen pick up truck, and a further £2,000 for setting a bad example to tree thieves everywhere. His dole money has been suspended indefinately to pay off the fines imposed upon him.

The public outside the courts cheered as they heard that Prince Charles will be detained at his mother's pleasure and therefor eunable to steal anymore tree's from their gardens.

And now for the weather news....

Tonight there will be fog and chilly temperatures over the cell in Brampton Psychiatric Hospital in which Prince Charles is being detained, but the rest of the country will have a mild warm night.
Tomorrow it will snow and blizzards over the cell in Brampton Psychiatric Hospital in whichPrince Charles is being detained, but the rest of the country will have fabulously warm sunshine and the highest of summer temperatures!

That is all for tonight.

Written By Kaz Stevens
Copyright Kaz Stevens 1977.

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RSMBiggles: allways figured him as a tree hugger. There, just another example of the deterioration of the monarchy as a whole...
Where is this leading us you might ask... Anarchy, pure unadulterated anarchy... yes I know some of us would relish that
and yes you would get better shows on BBC4, but then all the tubes would be off schedule and we can't have that.

The Python Army must show support for the Royals, no matter how loopy they get. Just a matter of princepal.

Kazytc at 10:58 am December 31


Thanks for your comments!

Yes I totally agree, mad as hatters or not they have to have some support! Great being in the Python Army! Would be fun to spectate the total anarchy!

Be seeing you!
Zany Hugs again and again!

gna42: I know our crack team would love to find a video of the performances and post them!

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

Kazytc at 11:03 am December 31

Hi Jeanna,

Thanks for your post!

There is a lot of Python and Not The Nine O'Clock News stuff on You Tube, its great fun to view.

I am currently looking at buying a professional camcorder to start recording mock news reports of my sketches and they will be posted on my new web site at:

And probably on You Tube as well!

I am looking at seeing how I can source some look-a-likes of the Royals and other well known public figure's to perform my sketches and then I shall post those up too.

Meanwhile I am writing a new wave of material more recent to the current affairs in the news, but centered around the same characters. Could be fun!

Don't you just love taking the mick out of these crazy folks!

Be seeing you!
Zany Hugs again and again!

gna42 at 11:05 am December 31

I live near the Equestrian Center... Could do an interview of Queen Anne for you...!

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

Kazytc at 11:14 am December 31

Wow Jeanna,

Thanks for the offer, you are very kind, that would be fun, wonder if she could be persuaded to do something totally outrageous for a bribe and then we can secretly film her in the act and what fun we would have with that footage!

Go for it!

Be seeing you!
Zany Hugs again and again!