Back from the UK, on Cloud #90000:)

I'm just back home, lads and lasses.
What a week it was................... I got to see dear Michael 3 times and bumped into him near the National Theatre, and got to shake his hand (twice:) and three autographs (which is very silly but why not).
Also been to 2 TERRIFIC gigs and met some lovely friends and... and... I'm very happy.
I promise to write a report, just gimme some time. I'm leaving you with the piс (sorry that there is too much of my bottom there, but you can see Michael too LOL).
Love and stuff,

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MontyPython93: Omg, I'm so happy for you :D

mrsCutout: Great picture by the way! Lucky you!!!!

mrsCutout: OH me too!!!!! I'm glad to know you had a good time! We are waiting for your report!

Tanya_Birklid19: I am really jealous! not like in a Grr-I'm-mad-at-you, but more like I-WISHED-I-LIVED-IN-ENGLAND!! sort of way

kisch at 9:50 am October 14

I do not live in England:)))

BroMaynardG at 3:52 pm October 14

Yeah! She's From Russia, With Love!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 3:12 pm October 14

oh well still i wished i lived in england

crzyltvn: Thanks for the picture! Can't wait to read your report. :)

CamelSpotter: Thanks for the photo.

Videor Quaero Punctume

flopsy_mrs: i'm so happy for ya :)

gr iris

it bloody repeets

BroMaynardG: Or did you just waggle in his face?

OMG, he's drinking TEA!


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Lancaster Bomber at 2:14 pm October 11

I mentioned Pythonline to him yesterday (Saturday) in Cheltenham. I had to explain why I was asking him to sign a book for a Belgian girl. I think he was a bit suspicious of me being on POL with so many young female fans. (of Python - not of me)

btw his talk was excellent, after a slow start, with plenty of anecdotes to flesh out his readings, especially about Yorkshire which pleased me even more.

Can't add photos here - I've already posted them elsewhere on the site. Shame, because I made sure my bottom didn't get in shot.

kisch at 2:18 pm October 11

I wish I knew you were going to be in Cheltenham, we could meet up !
Tis pic is actually from Cheltenham if you recognise:)
Nevermind my bottom gatting in the way if you still able to see M.P.:)

Lancaster Bomber at 2:30 pm October 11

Shame we missed. After a 3 hour drive got there with 2 minutes to start of the talk. Which also meant I missed Andy Williams !!
Looking forward to your report !!