Some pix from London, my November visit.

Firstly I want to post a pic of the treasures I've bought (well, part of them anyway:).

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flopsy_mrs: i c you have the biiiiiiiig pythin set in the brown i wanted to buy it to but it costed to much i couldn't afford it it was something like 70 euro witch is much

gr iris

it bloody repeets

Lady April: Yummy! What is in that book anyway? I mean I know about his issues in Berlin, Iggy Pop, crashing from cocain, crying for help in a small diner and inspiration for LOW (ie. "Weeping Wall"- bizarro) any details yet?

kisch at 11:29 am December 17

is a new book written by somebody Thomas Jerome Seabrook (interesting name innit ?) about DB's Berlin experiences. They say itsa decent book (unlike many other!), I haven't read it yet, too preoccupied with Jonesy's "Crusades" - must finish them, I usually don't like to read two books at a time.
I stopped buying Bowie books some time ago - I think basicaly "The Complete David Bowie" by the great Nick Pegg has everything you need to know about the man:-)- but I heard good things about this one so I bought it. And also, you can't buy books like that here, so it's irresistable when you see it on the shelf........

Lady April at 11:57 am December 17

a series of Bowie biographies that I'd bought in the late 80's and early 90's shortly after I finnished my Bowie vinyl collection raging from 1966 to 1990's Tin Machine. That is 25 albums and a lot of money later. After indulging in the bio's I actually created my own scrapbook bio of him when I was 17 years old and many drawings and art projects as well. I met Angie in 1993 at a book signing here in Seattle. She is very nice and I have a lot of respect for her.
I haven't collected anything dated past 1990 though.

Johnnyrose: ... I can see that Christmas arrive earlier, this year... Fantastic souvenirs!

"Welease Bwian!"

kisch at 12:50 pm December 16

thank you JR:-) Christmas is all around !!!
Every time I buy myself a present - it's Christmas:)

jeremytoogood: Love the Smiths! Go Kisch!

kisch at 11:49 am December 16

Ohyeh sistah, I'm a Morrissey-freak ! As you can see:)

Elisabetha: At last!
I was waitin for it :)

kisch at 11:53 am December 16

... haven't you seen it before ?... ;)

Elisabetha at 4:15 pm December 16

No, you haven`t shown me, you lucky bastard :)
I start to regret I didn`t buy these great boxsets!
May be I have to show my purchase... ;)

kisch at 1:21 am December 17

and then I'll make photo of all the other treasures I've bought too !

kisch: Highgate - view from the hill.

kisch: John and Mike - together even in the shop !

Lady April at 6:36 am December 15

How much in US cash is 45 pounds?

kisch at 7:16 am December 15

according to today's rates itsa bout 67 US dollars.
it is quite costly, yes. I gave it to a friend as a birthday pressie, though. Still need to borrow it to watch myself (I only watched the new documentaries, didn't check FC itself).

Lady April at 7:37 am December 15

That blue box? A DVD set I am guessing but of what? That only costs 67 US bucks. :D

Hanri at 12:06 pm December 15

Includes 7 Palin travel series:
80 days
Full Circle
Pole to Pole
Great Railway Journeys (Confessions of a Train Spotter & Great Railway Journey)
Hemingway Adventure

Lovely, lovely 16 disc set. And so shiny too. :)

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

kisch at 12:10 pm December 15

I though you were taking about another box set, April, sorry love.
That blue Michael box set is what Hanri said. I haven't bought it myself tho.

Lady April at 2:16 pm December 15

I wish I had that thing but I am unfortunately region 1. That box is cool!
Yes, people, I want it just for the box because I am a twit :D

kisch: Beautiful Michael.

Lady April at 6:37 am December 15

What a gorgeous man!!!

kisch at 7:18 am December 15

He is isn't he ?
Lady, come to the UK with me next time. Come to the book signing. You'll see him close and .... and what ?... Die happily ? Oh no. You'd want to live !

kisch: Beautiful house, Highgate/Camden.
Built in 1865.

kisch: New Wimbledon Theatre, where Prince's concert took place (without me unfortunately....)

kisch: Rings any bell ?
I was laughing my ass off:)))
(This is a small shop at Victoria stetion called "Camden Food" or summin).

kisch: Then, beautiful street in Chelsea.