Sometimes our Python boys remind me of dolls. Six handsome dolls for girls to play with:-)))))
Just a thought !

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RSMBiggles: go on ebay and collect the Sideshow Collectable "Grail Action figures" or the ones from Life of Brian and then dress them up in Ken's clothes or even Barbi's, or even stuff from any of the 12" action figures out there, (My mother gave me the ones of Boromir and Farimir from Lord of the Rings and they currently are in my display hutch dressed as counter terrorists-so the possabilities are endless- NO I DO NOT PLAY WITH DOLLS, they are "COLLECTABLE FIGURES" lol)

Regimental Sergeant Major Biggles
The Python Dreamhouse err um ARMY HEADQUARTERS-

Johnnyrose at 2:26 am August 02

... and this one cas say three lines from the film. I got this (yes, I play wit it ... with my son...)

"Welease Bwian!"

Johnnyrose at 2:29 pm July 22

... I play... Who said that?

"Welease Bwian!"

what_the_fuck: you're not talking about inflateble(?) dolls right...

crzyltvn at 11:33 am July 22


Lady April at 10:00 am July 22

*wtf has my attention*

Well, even the inflatables would need "parts" LMFAO OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what_the_fuck at 10:13 am July 22

they would be different parts...wouldn't they... XD

Lady April: I want to move their parts around LOL They need to be of reasonable height to one another as well. I mean you can't have a John and a Mikey the same height now can we? Jonsey'll be the midgit :D

Monty Petra at 8:08 pm July 21

a very naughty girl. XD
But why hasn't anybody made them before. We should do it and make a fortune.
- Uttered by Monty Petra, Queen of Planet Palin (Mrs)

Lady April at 9:59 am July 22

Gilliam would say fuck off on the artistic side. LOL

Lady April: Do they come with parts? - no NOT THOSE!!! Like does Graham come with a constable uniform? Does John come with a Parrot? Does Mikey come with a Mob uniform? Eric comes with no clothes? Gilliam dressed as a Poof? Jonsey in a speedo?
How fun!

thegranny at 10:25 am July 22

in a speedo? where can I buy that? lol
the other "parts" would be interesting as well... :P

"The Chair: It helps you sit down, higher up".

kisch at 10:01 am July 21

Aaaapril !
I'm laughing my arse off:-)
With parts !!!! :-))

Lady April at 11:34 am July 21

It's all about the parts baby yeahhhh!!! :D

Monty Petra at 1:12 pm July 21

I remember Ken had "parts". It always used to weird me out....
If they had a Lumberjack doll that sang when you pulled a string, I'd buy one.

Are they the plastic kind or the soft, huggable, plush kind?
- Uttered by Monty Petra, Queen of Planet Palin (Mrs)

Lady April at 10:33 am August 01

Shabby Doll comes with a Hot broad and a toilet brush. Push a button on his back and violently spits up phlem.

jeremytoogood at 1:28 pm August 01

and he says: I'm sorry Squire, I've gobbed on your carpet"

Lady April at 1:38 pm August 01

I can totally understand the Holy Grail action figures but what about Circus characters for us fans???? I GOT ONE!!!!!!
Scott and Vanilla Whore (loves Carol!) are sold together. Scott comes with big fake hairy chest, a carton of smokes and the lion and Vanilla comes with absolutely nothing, eventually LOL

barfolishus at 3:01 pm August 02

the trench. and the wooden cartons. lol.

Oh! A Scotsmen on a Horse!