Bad timing for the 40th Anni event!

This really sucks that I, as many others I am sure, will be unable to attend the Python 40th Anniversary Albert Hall event due to economic crap. Those who have been fortunate enough to keep their employment or have very generous parents might be going and that is awesome!
I got the e-mail this morning for P-line members to get on the pre-order, that was my understanding, before tickets go on sale to the public. Yea, I am pissed. But that is really neither here nor there anyway. It would be awesome to see them, those that will perform, on a stage. But as it is it is not happening.
I am bummed but hey... what can ya do right? I'll be relying on those who are fortunate enough to go to report back.
Who else will lose a night or two of sleep over this?

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Miss Tree: ya I know.. I can't go.. I've already planned my trips for the year. At least I get to see John Cleese front row in 2 weeks here in Toronto! YAY!!!

Lady April at 7:05 pm July 04

BEOTCH! *lovesyou*


Miss Tree at 7:06 pm July 04

HAHAHAHA!!! I loves you too April!!! Well I prolly wont meet him and I'm prolly not gonan be able to bring a camera in there so bullocks.

Lady April at 9:51 pm July 04

You will have a great view none the less of one of the all time comedic greats!


themontyfreak: I haven't received an e-mail yet...I must not be loved.

Romanes eunt domus...People called Romanes they go the house?

Johnnyrose: ... if the tickets arrive on time.... me and my wife will go... we loosed ouer head today.
But, hey, it's once in a lifetime, right?

How I loved to meet all of you guys in London...

I don't know how PYTHONLINE did it, but having the possibility to buy the tickets before all the other mortals... Thank you very much, Pythonline guys!!!

"Welease Bwian!"

crzyltvn: But really, I think I'm in no position to really complain. (If you know why...)

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

kisch: I can't say how sorry I am for you that you can't go (((
I was so looking forward to meeting some of you... oh dear... that really sucks big time...
But as I say, there is always a next time. We can only hope !

Big hugs to you, my friends...

CamelSpotter: ANY PO members going? I agree that a report from a happy attendee would still be wonderful. Or a DVD, as Arky mentioned.

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: is dissapointing. However if they release a dvd of the event I'll be happy with that. Even if I have to special order it, I will buy the dvd (If there is one).

I'm also interested in the reports from those who get to go.

For now how about a pic of Michael to cheer us up :

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

DoryPython: But there's gonna be a tv series for the 40th anniversary!
At least we can see that :)

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

armenia67 at 7:08 am July 04

A tv series and dvd event will be enough for me. Although it would be a dream come true to be there, I'm not picky when it comes to Python. I'll take it anyway I can get it.