Michael Palin



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Lady April: Ohhh Arky yes you di-id! I forgot about this bunch of pics too dam!

arkennedy: another pic and a link to another good Michael thread on Pythonline: http://pythonline.com/forum_topic/palin/is_michael_palin_the_cutest_python


Unless I'm mistaken this was the original Michael Palin Drool thread.

arkennedy at 7:00 pm January 15

I posted the image of Eric in Lady April's Eric Idle thread. I'm not sure how I ended up posting it here as well.

Tanya_Birklid19: Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle!! I forgot how many pictures were in this thread. WOW!! that woke me up this morning. I want to look more, but I got Oklahoma! rehearsal happening now. Don't want to miss and entrance.

LucythatiscalledLucy: I WANT (pronounced wahnt) HIM. end of. Thanks for making me happy :)

meshe90: Wow! where do you find all these...there's so many

Lady April at 1:01 pm February 25

many members of Pythonline have contributed to this blog. Yes there are a ton!

Lvndr HppE: There are a lot of pictures here (especially the nude ones) that I haven't seen before, and I absolutely love them!

Lady April at 11:52 am February 03


Mrs Premise: Words cannot express how GORGEOUS this man is. I may have to go with the old cliché "PHWOAR"

That much drool cannot be good for my keyboard, in fact I may have to go an rehydrate.

The most awesome album ever...

Lady and Laird Candermine: wow... and the award for the most Michael Most Most of All... a.k.a. Michael All Around Awesome Award... goes to Lady April.. please collect your award from Michael next time you see him...

Lady April at 3:44 pm February 02

Mmmmm I wonder what that award will be..... collect Michael?

Paute: Wow... great album. Congratulations.
Look this pictures feel me better!

Holly: The pic of Michael in the bra is so cute, what is it from?

Lady April at 10:01 pm January 13

I don't think it is from a sketch I am thinking more in between scenes on a set or something. I could totally be wrong!
It is great though isn't it? He's yummy! =P


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MontyPython93: GOD I needed this...I had a bad day...

Lady April at 12:48 pm January 08

Do indulge lady =)

WackyQueen: What a wonderful compilation of a wonderful man. God, he looks good! :)
Thanks Lady!

Lady April at 9:07 pm January 07

A bit difficult to get through all these pics in a few minutes. Painful too... =P Welcome and this was also a group effort of posting!

kisch at 6:03 am January 08

Palinful I would say:)
And painful too, yeh....

Lady April at 8:44 am January 08

Painful Palin? No kidding..... *sigh*

Lady and Laird Candermine:


The Ex-Leper at 11:46 am January 09


Lady April at 2:00 pm January 09

This blog is like addicting AND you can nearly overdose as well!

The Ex-Leper at 2:47 pm January 09

HHEEESSS SOOOO CUUUTTTEEE!!!!!...um i think i just overdosed...haha its great...

Lady April at 7:28 pm January 09

*throws oral blow-up Mikey at Leper*

Lady April at 12:44 pm January 05

Jack Lint can do whatever he wishes to me with all his pointed metal gadgets and other impliments of destruction!!!! YES!!! I DO love that man!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:53 pm January 05

LOL.... .... I meant Michael... but now that you put it that way.... SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY..... I joke.. I jest.... I mean go get spanked or something.... : )

Lady April at 6:41 pm January 05

Oh don't I wish. Not that easy for me to that or anything close to it... so sad....

Lady April: I needed a really good spanking. This thread hath dun it! Ohh Myyyyyyyyyyyy..................

The Ex-Leper: my my there are plenty of naked pictures on here!! ; )

MontyPython93: It's...too much...*heart-attack*

Tini: Looking at all these pictures was the first thing I just did, right after I had come home from an exhausting History exam.. This is the best medicine. :)

Lady April at 9:09 am December 07

Glad you LOVE and not that I blame you at all - ME TOO!!!

Tini at 9:26 am December 07

Haha all you need is Mike for a bit cheer up. ;)

Lady April at 9:36 am December 07

Ain't that the truth!

Tini at 9:41 am December 07

It's the truth and nothing but the truth!

housepet1 at 11:02 am December 07

Oh help me God!!!!

Lady April at 9:48 am December 07

Ohhhhhhh *sighs*

Tini at 9:52 am December 07

Look at that face...! ♥♥

Lady April at 10:39 am December 07

Oh my, sorreh - must post this one AGAIN!!!!!!!! It is soooo hot!

Tini at 10:47 am December 07

*melts* I always turn green with jealousy whenever I'm watching this scene.. Or this one..

sit-on-my-face: You're officialy crazier than me for him. That's like... a billion pictures of him!! You're such a great freak!!
O brian. What a too-hot-to-be-that-old.

Lady April at 9:15 pm December 06

Oh I dunno about that, mmmmmmmabey though. I am a bit freakish though in an obsessive way though yes. This blog however was made over a year and a half period before P-line changed and all the photos ended up on the first page. It was not intended to be the way it looks. But it has turned out rather nice to have a gallery of nuthing but Michael - Can you actually make it from pic #1 to pic #500 without a run to the loo?

sit-on-my-face at 4:14 pm December 07

I don't think so!! But yeah. hum hum. that's hot. yep. I can't actually choose a favorite between all the guys, but the first time I saw Gallahad the Pure (I must of been 10 years old!!) I completely fell in love with him!!!!

thewastelandr at 9:19 am December 07

We are all freaks! In a good way I think!

Lady April: Oh Holy DROOOL! I am not worthy!!!!!!!!!!

marga: OMG! speechless i am! thanks!!!