Michael Palin



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housepet1: How did I suddenly become a Senior Citizen Palin worshipper?!? Oh, yeah, it's because HE IS FREAKING GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSS!


Lady April at 11:38 am December 06

That man IS the Holy Grail *sigh*

Tini at 11:43 am December 06

No wonder I can't get him.. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

Lady April at 11:51 am December 06

Truth be told.... if fairness, as we deem fair, was granted to all we'd be more miserable than we already are. That is unless we all had a Mikey of our own. But then again if there were more than one of him he would not be a precious a commodity or even as HOLY as we presently see him.
But no, you are right, Lifes not fair and I'll add that it is in fact a complete bitch!

Tini at 11:57 am December 06

*nods* Yeah, our precious Mike...
"Life is a bitch", to quote Freddie Mercury. :P

FANTASTIC (except the fact that it takes ages to load etc). But WHAT THE EHCK IT'S AWESOMENESS ANYWAY! LOL!


Lady April at 11:37 am December 06

Just don't go an overdose on us ;-P

BroMaynardG: I was just gonna post "I Must Have Fruit", but it's already here. Dammit Janet!

Lady April at 11:38 am November 11

Oh you thilly!!!!!! Dam this blog takes a long time to load..... ugh! But sooooo worth the wait DAYAM!!!!!!!! I could live here with this man, I could you know *sniff sniff*


Damn this post ! LOLOLOL Whenever I open it, I just HAVE to look thru all the pix over again ! Because I CAN'T get my eyes off them:)
So, BLESS this thread:)

Lady April at 11:09 am October 28

Mmmmmm LOVE that pic! Vereh nice!!!! I have made a new station since this is no longer mine - bugger! But it is the same and the page will load much faster without all the pics on the same page.
DROOOL will still be here in my blogs to post in or browse at your leasure if you have time to in fact DROOOL but my station is for the quick fix..... Enjoy both!!!!!!

mrsCutout: *DRRROOOOOOOOOOL* I just saw the pictures all over again and all i can say is DROOOOOL! :)

Lady April at 4:12 pm October 27

For you Mrs. Cutout... A bit o A&A art (April and Amy) he he :-P YUMMEH!

Tini at 9:37 am December 06

Oh dear, I remember too well this scene... *mind wanders off*


Ignore my comment please!file:///C:/MONTY%20PYTHON/pictur5es/256x225.jpg

Lady April at 7:44 am October 27

Oh so lovely dear! Nice shot - I KNOW this one is not in here!!!!!

mrsCutout at 7:49 am October 27

I'm glad you like it :)

Lady April at 7:58 am October 27

Oooo I just LOVE it!

Lady April at 8:00 am October 27

...and good morning Mrs. Cutout!!!

mrsCutout at 8:06 am October 27

Oh thank you!!!Good morning to you too!It's a bit early huh?For me it's 5am though!!I have more but since i can't find the gallerie i don't know if they already exist!

Lady April at 8:17 am October 27

Until they work out this whole site - and it is slowly coming together - who knows where anything is! At least DROOOOL is still useful - THANK GOD!!!!!

housepet1 at 11:07 am October 28

This thread makes me want to do naughty things to sweet Michael! He is too cute for words! <3

LucythatiscalledLucy at 10:35 am November 11

definately :D

mrsCutout at 8:25 am October 27


Lady April at 8:34 am October 27

Oh sweet! Right on!!!!

mrsCutout at 9:08 am October 27

Yes yes!although i'd rather see him in the suit with the flower like the others behind him!! ^^

Lady April at 2:26 pm October 27

Ok how about just in the nekkid then - eh hemmmmm..........

mrsCutout at 2:32 pm October 27

hehe!Not bad either!! (naughty) *sigh*

Lady April:

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mrsCutout: It looks like Jonsey i think!

LucythatiscalledLucy: Beautiful beautiful beautiful boy..he is my dream man. This makes me sad. Why was I born so bloody late! Thanks so much for putting them back up!

the_thina: I only just now noticed this. look behind him in the fist picture... there is a man (I suspect another python, nt sure who of them) with bare upper body standing there, wearing pantiehoes (think thats how its spelled) haha. how wonderfully randoom ^^

mrsCutout: But how do I do that?

mrsCutout: Uhm.. Could I post something too?

Jatta: If this doesn't make one droool.... :P

Lady April at 9:34 am October 21

First DROOOL then get completely infantile!

Jatta at 9:48 am October 21

:D yeah... my computer is floating before the last pic :P

Lady April at 10:41 am October 21

OH! We have a floater?????

Jatta at 9:17 am October 23

back to the great flood :D

Lady April:

Just testing the picture posting thing.

jeremytoogood at 12:13 pm October 21

Where did that thing go that my father put there only just the night before bout 8 O'Clock?

Lady April at 3:44 pm October 21

wouldn't I like to find out ;-P

Lady April at 8:19 am October 21

It just takes a while for the page to post cause of the near 500 or something gorgeous pics here all being on one page. Beggars ccan't be choosers though eh? ;-)

Lady April: Can anyone tell me how to post pics on the new site here? I do not have a browse button :-(

kisch at 12:53 pm October 20

Just hit UPLOAD on the left - it will help:)
Or maybe it won't... let's try...

mrsCutout: OH MY GOD!!!!! I love you all! This is like a never ending dream!!!!!All these pictures of DDRMike! You just made my day!!!!! All the pics are incredible but i must say the in the ones he is dressed as Sir Galahad are the sexiest! I love this amasing man! DROOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

crzyltvn: Holy Brian all the pictures are back! You guys did awesome!

Tanya_Birklid19: It's all wonderful, thank you! There's some photos that I think "well, where was that one?" or "what's going on in this one?" but the one he's holding that jaguar(?) kitty, it's just adorable