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CamelSpotter: Awesome job guys! I'm very impressed.
It's like a gallery is back, too!

Lady April: Thats like a mile of nuthin but Mikey... it's like Heaven!

TheSister91: I see double and all moving lads!!! LOL 8D

Lady April: Oh Godf I've wet em........................

kisch: GASP
The pix are back:)
Not sure all of them are, but I scrolled through the lot and it was wonderful:)

Lady April at 9:32 am October 18

Marverlous, backk all at once too!!!!!

BroMaynardG at 11:01 am October 18

Now say a prayer of thanks to our Sys! And all the ships at sea!

Lady April at 11:11 am October 18

They are bustin some serious ass to put this back together I know this and I am grateful that DROOOL is where it needs to be - THANKS ADMINS!!!!!!

scottp at 11:23 am October 18

YES!! We are working like crazy to get this all in order, its going to be much better soon as we now can bring some killer features to Pythonline with the new system. Thanks for haning in there.

BroMaynardG at 11:53 am October 18

Thanks I'll send you a Fruit Tree. (We ALL MUST HAVE FRUIT!)

Lady April at 11:27 am October 18

*kiss kiss* to scottp!

Lady April: He is even more adorable when he talks dirty.

Lady April at 1:39 pm October 17

don't even ask....

BroMaynardG at 5:03 am October 18

After viewing all that; I either need a spanking, or some manly sort of fruit!

Lady April: Ok I guess I am going to have to be descriptive. Develop that mental picture of gorgeous Michael, YUM YUM! He looked rather attractive at the recent reunion. My eyes kept darting to the side of the stage upon which he sat. Crossing my legs just thinking about it. DAM! I might just have to go watch it again. What was it? About the 15 minute mark or so we all got our Michael moment where we were fully entertained by the senile old man with John calling him "love" - me toes are curlin' again!!!!!
I kept noticing Mikey's nose. *big grin* Love that nose. It has changed much over the years. I mean I do realise that your nose is one of the few body parts that keeps growing through your life. Michaels went from cute and upturned to, as he aged, straight edged and mature. Blends well with the jawline *sigh*
His smile still sends me..............

kisch at 12:47 pm October 17

Reading that really made me drool:-))))))))))))))
I think I'm more word-oriented after all. I can easily paint a mental picture.

Lady April at 12:58 pm October 17

I only wish I could make my mental pictures more visual. All of cyberspace and Michael himself would kick me off the planet ;-P

BroMaynardG: Ah, But the Challenge. I DID post that DROOL was like THEE longest thread, and I am sure that Jeanna will be Assaulting and Battering our dear Sys until he makes it so!

There was a change of Databases. In migrating data from one to another, there are glitches. I recall one I did with 5 and 9 digit zip codes, the first time we did it it treated the 9-digit zip code as an arithmetic equation. It subtracted the final four digits from the first five digits. The program saw the "hyphen" as a "minus sign".

BroMaynardG at 6:16 am October 17

BTW! - I just accidentally hit the "Back Arrow" to return to the previous screen.

Guess What? When I returned, the text I'd typed was still there.

This has been a hair-pulling event in the past. Because if I just hit the left mouse key (or if I waved my hand and air blew over it [just the tiniest bit]) I'd loose the tome that I'd just written.

And I know how much y'all like reading my tomes! (Right?)

I will do a real test to check this out later today. But right now I want to see if Carole Cleveland is winking, in the very least. Or if she is wearing something more supportive!

L.A. (TITular) Bro Maynard G (The "G" stands for Walter), Ret., Esq. Ret. ad nauseum

MontyPython93: Well...I guess that we still can drooool...but it's not the same thing... :(

kisch: I think we all need to calm down a bit and be positive.
Maybe all the pix will resurface one day. Just a bit of patience and good humor... after all this thread is dedicated to Mr Palin, not sum grumpy old moaner.
I understand webmasters, they work hard and a lot of troubles I'm sure happen on the way.
It's very easy to complain and be disappointed.

Lady April: Oh *SIGH* , What is a DROOOOL thread without the visuals anyway? All my pics that many have posted here are still gone... this is very sad :-(

crzyltvn at 4:03 pm October 15

I miss the pics of this thread. :(

christinah3000 at 4:45 am October 17

cry. all pics gone., what the hell is going on? pythonline really sucks now!

kisch at 7:23 pm October 15

Well, that's a challenge to restore it and post all the pics all over again !)))

christinah3000 at 4:48 am October 17

It would take ages.. besides, why are the gone?

crzyltvn at 7:40 am October 16


Lady April at 8:55 am October 16

Still sad as now we have to write detail that will often times get nasty and mabey even pornographic. So we have no pics at all then for these blogs accept for the heading pic - which wasn't the one I placed there in the first place?

kisch: Oh BLAST !!! This "new version" is doing me head in !!!
Where ARE the pix ? Where is everything ?
I would suggest webmasters to work a bit more:)

kisch: add a comment

Lady April: Ok I am a bit annoyed here.... This WAS my station, this was NOT the picture for the station. Where are all the pics posted in here over the past year? Where are alll my blogs? This blog had 21 votes and now it is 0. WTF? Where are all the front page articals? Not to mention the threads and the pic gallery. Is this just a blog site now?

BroMaynardG at 7:57 am October 12

With The New And Improved PythOnline (400th Anniversary?), comes a little "Beta-Testing" time.

Use it and keep track of glitches and desires.

More to come, as we evolve - having shed our old skin and are growing into the new one - as Pythons and all other slimy, creepy, repulsively nasty reptiles are wont to do!

L.A. (Titular) Bro Maynard G (The "G" stands for Walter), Esq. Ret.

BroMaynardG: Something is just WORNG about this Image!

L.A. (Titular) Bro Maynard G (The "G" stands for Walter), Esq.

Lancaster Bomber: One or two more pics for you ladies, from Michael's talk in Cheltenham today.

Sorry about the quality of the one on stage but I was on the front row and didn't want to use a flash right in front of him.

ALSO sorry to disappoint you all. Like most of us from Yorkshire he agrees that the greatest living Yorkshireman is Geoffrey Boycott. I know Michael is a very modest guy but he did reaffirm this belief infront of a very large audience today. (But I admit he does come a close second to Geoffrey)

TheSister91 at 3:17 am October 12

but where the hell are they??? where are all the other pics we've been uploading since we're here?!?!?!?!?!!?

Lancaster Bomber at 10:46 am October 12

hmm. What happened to them ? Wonder if |I've made another mistake and should have put them in the gallery ?

Lady April at 7:39 am October 12

No kidding! Where is everything? Like on this whole site??? This is utterly confusing. My station is no longer my station UGH!!! I wonder what else.....

CamelSpotter at 5:56 pm October 11

I love the photos, thanks for posting them!

Videor Quaero Punctume

Lady April at 5:30 pm October 11

Thanks for these pics!!!! How fabulous it must be to see and listen to him DO his THING! The 3rd pic, the blurry one is total hilarity! Very cool ;-)


BroMaynardG: I'm sure that everyone is wondering of "Michael's Post" - Just How Long Is It?


Go Away Spammers | We Have All The Spam We Can Eat | Don’t Try Selling Us Any Goat-Hair Beards

Lady April at 7:49 pm October 11

It has been the longest thread since about a month after I began the thing! Whenever that was anyway..... The man is just GORGEOUS! YUM YUM!


Mrs Conclusion at 8:01 am October 12

Hi all! Yes, I agree. The new look Website is not user friendly. If anyone can find the photo gallery, let me know. Keep them Python boys close! x And let's all drooooooool over the man Palin! x

Palins passepartout at 8:39 am October 12

I'm totally confused! I was confused to begin with , being new to a computer! But this has just made it worse! I'd just got used to finding the stuff! Still they can't take our Michael away from us! We must stand together and droooooool on!!!

mrsCutout: Aghh...!!!!!!

mrsCutout: I mean look at him!Even after those years he still looks gorgeous!Am i the only one to think he is still so cute?! Thank you for posting all these pictures! *DROOOL* !!!!! HAHAHA! We should find his cutest pictures and post them! Palinland!

Palins passepartout at 11:55 am October 09

I'm sure there are millions of us out there who think he is cute! But there is only one lucky girl I'm afraid! Good luck to her though! I'm sure she appreciates him! Lovely pic too!


mrsCutout at 2:52 pm October 09

I 'm glad to know i am not the only one although i didn't realy think so! I mean michael is just incredible! Glad you liked the pic!!

Palins passepartout at 4:26 am October 10

I know exactly how you feel!I have more pictures of Mike in my picture file than I have of anyone else! Good job hubby can't use a computer! I agree Mike is incredible in every way! He's a very special and very talented man! I'm glad to be sharing him with you!


mrsCutout at 3:56 pm October 10

That's nice

christinah3000: from the Paul O'Grady Interview September 2009