Michael Palin



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TheSister91 at 12:06 am August 10

I wonder why he's still wearing thta shirt.. he doesn't need it!!! *dresses him off* *droooools*

"Consider... consider the lily"

Jatta at 11:11 pm August 09

what a lovely sight for sore eyes on monday morning :)
Thanks, Pix! :D

Anything goes...

Lady April at 5:20 pm August 09

woah! dood....... *sluuuurrrrrrpppppppssss*

Whos the chick?


PixelPixie at 2:56 pm August 10

The completely unnecessary one.

TheSister91 at 12:05 am August 10

hey lady... leave something for me to slurp!!!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

crzyltvn: Nothing like returning to this thread after a looong absence.

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

PixelPixie at 5:16 pm August 09

So sweet!

christinah3000 at 2:35 am August 11

never seen them before, where are they from? if i may ask...

the_thina at 12:41 am August 11

naw, I love it when hes a little freckeld. (like under the eye on the top one of those 2 above me here) has anyone else noticed that he is sometimes? well, probobly. ^^ freckels are so cute

Lady April at 5:27 am August 11

You can see them very well in the "Bicycle Repair Man" sketch :P


the_thina at 5:54 am August 11

yeah I know. extremely cute! :)

CamelSpotter at 11:08 pm August 10

Both are excellent! Especially in black and white.

Videor Quaero Punctume

Lady April at 5:17 pm August 09

NIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEEEE! Yum Yum thread in business again! Lovely pic there Pixie - I want to suck on everything I see there :P


PixelPixie at 2:46 pm August 10

Thanks! I can't stop watching at these pic either, I'm opening them about every 5 minutes. Just to show how I feel about them :))


Jatta at 7:26 am July 18

what a lovely way to revive good old "droool"-thread. but what is that thing between his legs? No, that didn't come out right... what is that thing sticking out... no, that's not good either. Just forget I ask anything. :)

Anything goes...

PixelPixie at 2:37 pm July 18

what's the first thing you look at on men.

Jatta at 12:13 am July 19

but one can't really help noticing it... I mean.. oh damn... this is not helping is it :)

Anything goes...

Lady April at 9:01 pm July 18

it's M-I-K-E-Y
My balonga has a second name it's M-I-K-E-Y
I love to eat it every day
and if you ask me why I'll say.....
Cause Michael Palin has a way with hs B-O-L-O-G-N-A


I am going straight to hell for that one :P


Jatta at 12:28 am July 19

You will, but at least you'll go there laughing :)

Anything goes...

PixelPixie at 4:21 am July 19

That Heaven might be a nice place, but at least in hell there's a good company

Jatta at 11:09 am July 19

We'll probably all meet there one day, for being naughty girls :D

Anything goes...

Lady April at 11:46 am July 19

We'll be seein that naughty Mikey there too :P


PixelPixie at 3:04 pm July 19

naughty Mikey boy

Lady April at 5:53 pm July 19

He looks about ripe - I'll eat 'im!


Jatta at 11:55 am July 19

that will be FUN! :D poor Mikey :D

Anything goes...

MontyPython93: Maybe someone else has uploaded it, but I like it xD I MUST SAVE HIM!!!

arkennedy at 10:47 am June 28

I found that pic awhile back along with the history behind the photo. I can't remember if I posted the pic or not but if I did it would've been in a blog or forum somewhere and is buried by now. It's nice to see it again:)

If anyone is interested here is the story of the photo shoot in which this pic was taken:

Back in the seventies, Monty Python’s Flying Circus was cutting edge comedy, and I was a big fan. I’ve always been a fan of comedy, but not so much of comedians. Comedians are funny while performing, but in person, sometimes they can be downright obnoxious.
My theory was that the Monty Python guys were different; being British they would all be naturally funny and not at all obnoxious. But I had run up against seemingly nice, funny people, at least that’s what their public image was, who turned out to be anything but.
Michael Palin was my favorite member of the group, he seemed to have a subtle, yet way-out-there humor that appeals to me, and so I was hoping for the best.
I got a chance to photograph him while he was doing a press tour to promote ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. I knew that it would just be a guy in a downtown hotel room and a 10-minute shoot-and-get-out, so I prepared my blasé, met-and-seen-them-all attitude, but was still excited.
Knocking on the door of the appointed room; Michael Palin himself answered the door. It wasn’t some lackey; it was Michael Palin. It was the first time I had seen this happen. The door is always answered by a publicist, who asks you to wait a minute while the subject finishes another interview, or combs his hair, or talks on the phone to their coke dealer. No, Michael Palin was standing right there, smiling that familiar, show-lots-of-bottom-teeth smile.
I wasn’t prepared for this. I use the time publicists insist on to steel myself against any fan-type reaction to the celebrity du jour. This time I had to go straight into it, without as much as a faux jaded look.
Michael reached out his hand and said “I’m Michael Palin, a pleasure to meet you” in an exceedingly polite English way. I just smiled and stared. He said, “You must be from the San Francisco Examiner, she (the publicist) is just inside on the phone".
I opened my mouth to introduce myself, and started laughing. Not the kind of polite laughter that comedians come to expect, but full-on maniacal laughter.
He asked me if I wanted something to drink; my answer was hysterical laughter. He asked where I wanted to shoot the photo, more hysterical laughter. He must have thought the Examiner sent an absolute moron.
We walked back into the sitting area of the suite, where the publicist was still on the phone. Michael started doing funny faces to make her laugh. As I tried to compose myself, I realized that the room was rather dark, and holding a camera still while laughing was going to be a challenge. But by now my laughter was unstoppable. It only made it worse when I tried to stop, like trying to stop giggling in church. He continued annoying the publicist, but she managed to keep a remnant of her composure; I, on the other hand, was nearing apoplexy.
Managing to work up enough self-control to actually say something, I asked him to just stand in the doorway to the sitting area, since it had the best light. He stood there pleasantly posing for me, while I shot several frames. What I was seeing through the camera was not the man I had met; he just looked like a dull Englishman standing there in a doorway. My laughter was dying down to occasional snickers now. He looked like he didn’t know quite what to do, so I said, “Let me know when you've had enough of this.” He snapped back with, “That’s enough”.
I started laughing again. He repeated, “That’s enough”, and his eyes got big, and he advanced toward me. He was now swinging his arms wildly and doing pseudo karate chops at me. This just set off my laughter once again, but I managed to keep shooting. He closed the sliding doors to the other room while standing between them, and kept trying to get to me. He started yelling something in German, and fought with the sliding doors, making weird noises until he was right up against my wide-angle lens.
I was completely helpless, my eyes were all teared up and couldn’t breathe, let alone speak, and I was almost out of film. In just a few minutes I managed to shoot and reload three times. Knowing that by now I had to have some good pictures, and that I was looking more and more like a complete idiot, I ended the photo shoot on account of laughter, definitely a first.
Michael suddenly stopped his tirade, and turned instantly back into an English gentleman. It was like he threw some kind of Jekyll and Hyde switch. He politely asked if I was sure I’d gotten enough, I squeaked out, “Yes, more than enough”. He reached out his hand again, and I managed to shake it and looked for the door through my still tearing eyes.
I composed myself to some degree as I walked down the hall to the elevator. The elevator door opened and there was a crowd of tourists, I lost it again; they were all speaking German.

posted by: Chris Hardy
about Chris Hardy:
I have been a photojournalist for more than 25 years, working first for the Los Angeles Times, then for 22 years at the San Francisco Examiner and finally five years at the San Francisco Chronicle. Over the course of my newspaper career, I photographed major news stories from Super Bowls to the Space Shuttle landing to the Loma Prieta earthquake, as well as a wide range of celebrities, politicians and business leaders. Sometimes the stories behind the photos are as interesting as the photos themselves. Here are a few of those stories…

P.S. in case there are new replies between this one and the post I'm replying to...
the pic I'm referring to was posted by MontyPython93 and it's a pic of Michael stuck between the doors of a closet.

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MontyPython93 at 1:17 am June 30

that's a lot of words xD
But it was fun reading :D Thanks

arkennedy: (the website I found it on didn't say). I think it's a good pic though.

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

pythongeek03: 1232 posts??
the thread goes on...

Oh Your No Fun Anymore

pjev93 at 3:36 am June 27

Awww, I love that pic!=P

No time Toulouse!

Lady April: Good Grief!


christinah3000 at 3:34 am June 27

I love that film, one of his best!!!

Lady April at 10:00 am June 27


PixelPixie at 10:57 am June 27

I wonder why...

christinah3000 at 12:17 pm June 27

please do credit, if you use a scan of me... lol
the file even says "scan preview"!

PixelPixie at 2:43 pm June 27

I didn't remembered it was yours.
I saved it a long time ago.
How can I condone my mistake?

Lady April at 6:27 pm June 27

I only remember so many pics that were passed. Have so many. I know of a load that christina has given me but not all of them. I think it helps for the person to speak up for the credit in order to get it sometimes.


christinah3000 at 7:22 am June 28

At university, we have to take care a lot what we use for essays... even pictures... therefore my system is "copy a picture and write down who has posted it"

Lady April at 10:03 am June 28

Sorry, my life is soo consumed of shit I would need baby step directions at this point :D But what is the easiest way to do that?


christinah3000 at 3:12 pm June 28

i am "copy the picture" .. then it says "copy the file - and there you can still change the name - and that would help"

i just find it sometimes really sad, seeing screencaps of mine on pages.. and people do sometimes even use them as their own work - which i find pretty awful and unfair!

i like sharing.. but i do dislike it when you see your work somewhere... and nobody cares that you have taken the time to do the scans or the screencaps!

PixelPixie at 4:02 pm June 28

It's not an artwork or a photo...
They just screen caps, anyone else could do them.. well scanning is a bit different, takes time and effort - but still not our work.
Don't want to offend you anyway

christinah3000 at 11:25 pm June 28

Of course it is not an artwork or a photo.

but it has been work... one did - which can take a long time to get the right shot.

And i do find it very offensive of you now to say "hey, that's nothing"

Because I do share a lot - especially here - when i came to pythonline, the galleries had only about 20 pictures ... now some of them have over 200...

And most of the time, especially for python productions, I post them here to show others productiones the fans might have not seen yet...

and if you check sites like livejournal - where people make icons with the screencaps of someone, they do say too: please credit.

Because that should be done, if you respect a person who has taken the time for making something for you... to use!!!

P.S.: Yes, everyone can do it - but not everyone cares to take the time to do it and post it!

PixelPixie at 3:29 pm June 29

it has no point to debate about that - we have different opinions, that's all.

Certainly I don't post that much as you do and probably I won't. And I didn't checked PO that thoroughly so I had no idea that most pic in the galleries were posted by you.

And as I said, still no offense. I am sorry that you took it personally, because I like your stuff too and respect what you do here on PO, e.g. I heard about American Friends first from you (ran into the trailer on youtube... but never knew you made those caps.)
I would update my post corrected but sadly I can't edit it already.

Anyway I like to share too - even if I'm neglecting it these days - but still don't stick to crediting. All I want is to make the other drool, that's far enough for me :)


Lady April at 3:56 pm June 29

You are right Pixie, at this point there is so much posted here on P-line that there is really no way to tell who posted what unless it is actually stated in the post itself.
So lets not argue about who posted what, this is a happy occasion :D


christinah3000 at 3:38 am June 30

I think it is the best if we simply continue posting...


PixelPixie at 9:49 pm June 30


digging Flickr again

christinah3000 at 10:15 am July 01


Lady April at 9:33 am June 29

I think it is one thing if someone pops out a cap or two and posts em on a site but I was once sent an entire file of caps from an entire movie. Every scene and dam near every move Michael Palin made in this movie was in this file. I will keep the issuer annonymous. The time it must have taken to do that?!?!?!?! That does deserve some credit :)
Thank you issuer, you know who you are :D