The Famous Cleese

Oh how I adore him! :D Definately one of the funniest, brash and outspoken of the Pythons - in my opinion. Just makes me wanna hug him!


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I think it's time to bring this thread back to the top

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

Ah, okay, let me post something on here for a change xD
Here's Johnny at one of the many early writing sessions at TJ's place


Don't know why I made this, I just felt like being silly for some reason. Hope you like it :)

arkennedy at 4:28 pm April 04

I think it looks great :)

the_thina: I love john for many reasons, one of the bigger ones is his love for animals. and the fact that he can do more for them, and also DOES than any of us workingclass people ever can do.

and I thought about him today as well, when I sat at a meeting and got told that I do in fact have aspergers, she asked me if that got me down and I pointed out that einstein had it as well, so it dont have to be a bad thing. and she said something like "you are absolutely right, there are many famous and brilliant persons that have aspergers or autism that is worth looking up to!" and well.. I have had a sneaking suspission john might have it... even if he has never to my knowlidge said anything about it in public he must have some sort of clue concidering the amount of therapy he has been in..

a_nervous_wreck at 9:28 pm March 31

You have aspergers to? Cool. Not for you but for... never mind. And yeah, I have had a sneaking suspicion that at least one of the pythons had a variation of autism, but mostly I thought they all just had ADHD or something. :)

the_thina at 5:39 am April 01

yeah, but think about it for a second... john is a very intelligent man, yet he just cant understand the world and the people in it. that I have heard both the man himself and the other pythons say over and over... and that seem to be something all people with aspergers have in common, at least all I know personally.

and when it comes to ADHD, well, not completely unlikely. for some reason to me gilly seems to be the one with the most adhd. and jonesy as the runner-upper. :)

a_nervous_wreck at 12:56 am April 04

yeah, Gil does seem to have a bit of ADHD, Jonesy had something close to that i think, and the rest were all just loonies :-P

the_thina at 11:00 pm April 15

haha yeah. but I read somewhere online that people thinks mike has aspergers or high-functioning autism. and I was just.... WHAT? I dont see that in him at all. I see it in the character ken (wands you know) so maybe people confuse the role with the man who played it, but I very much doubt mike has anything like that. he is just a crazy little man.

the_thina at 11:01 pm April 15



Considering it's been over a year since we've posted in this thread I think it's about time to bring it back. So here's an image that's new to me.

Lady April:

You know, going through this thread, all the photos I notice that Johns eyes are just gorgeous! Oh bother! *sigh*

Here Comes Another One at 5:22 am March 31

I noticed he's got nice eyes too!

Stig: sorry I'm fairly new but what is mashcast exactly?

Hanri at 1:39 am January 03

MashCast is an animation/IM application. You can use it as an instant messenger to chat via text, audio or video with you friends and you can make animations with it (like for example the cutout animations Terry G made) by yourself and together with your friends. You can download the app from and create a profile, watch the welcome video and ping me there if ya need anything, I have the app on all the time. :)

thewastelandr: Who else absolutely LOVES John and Connie in Fawlty Towers??

Stig at 1:17 am December 17

ME! I so wish they hadn't broken up. They were really good together I think.

thewastelandr at 6:59 am December 17

I agree!

The Ex-Leper: WOW! he actually looks really GOOD with a hint of a beard!

Jatta: Oh my... the classic purple duck thread :p

Lady April at 10:28 am December 15

here ducky ducky!!!! You naughty little pervert!

Jatta at 11:29 pm December 15

What? Who? ME??? Nooo, never. I just like to play with purple rubber duckies ;-p

Lady April at 2:50 pm December 15

*beats Jatta with a pointed stick*

Stig at 1:22 am December 17

AHHH!! Not the purple duck again!!! She keeps looking at my.............................................................................uhhh display picture?

caroliinee at 5:11 am December 16

Oh Lady, theres no denying that you want some of that rubber duckie too... :)

Jatta at 2:22 pm December 16

c'mon, everyone want's a piece of that duckie ;-p

Lady April at 4:37 pm December 16

I was 11 rows away from that ducky baby - oh yeah, I WAS!

Jatta at 12:35 am December 17

ooooh, you lucky bastard!!! Didn't throw him with rubber duck then?

mrsCutout: oh WowLady A.! ohthat man is so funny!and the way he says shut up!and the way he looks!

Lady April at 10:28 am December 15

Ohhhhh meeee toooooo =P

Lady April at 10:28 am December 15

was going to say that when Johnneh says "SHUT UP" it turns me on!

thewastelandr: I love the picture of him and Michael as Frenchmen from the Flying Sheep sketch from episode 2! So funny!

Holly at 10:40 am December 15

Me too, that's one of my favorite sketches!

thewastelandr at 8:33 pm December 15

Mine too! I love how Michael starts laughing and has to hide his face.

Lady April at 10:41 am December 15

I just love all the John/ Michael sketches... so much love there =P

sit-on-my-face at 1:47 pm December 15

By the way, what's that story about John "liking-very-much" (should I say!) dear Michael??? That's... intriging?? (and hot.)

Lady April at 1:52 pm December 15

I think the word "intrigueing" should follw the word "hot". John has always had a "thing" for Michael Palin - more than likely it is NOT the first thing that crosses your mind. He has always loved to work with him, thinking him the funniest person alive or something to that effect. Michael and John throughout their careers have pretty much never done an interview or documentary without mentioning the other. 95% of the time that happens. Somewhere John was quoted as saying that Michael was really good in bed! LMFAO!!!!! I want to join them!!!!!!!!

Lady April:

John had tweeted this one recently, this is on his 2009 Alimony Tour. This is in California , November I think.

housepet1: I love John because he is a fellow Scorpio, because he loves animals and is soooo good with them, because he is one of the funniest men ever, because of his awesome ability to say SHUT UP in the funniest way possible, because of his silly walks, because he is Basil Fawlty, because of his love for Michael, because he has very nice eyes... I could go on and on...

Lady April at 11:31 am December 06

AMEN sistuh!

arkennedy: The full color one was found on this site: Even though I found it in a site called Crappy photo, I wouldn't call it crappy though! I think the artist did a great job.

The image that looks like it was done on notebook paper and has several drawing is a collage I made of drawing done by someone called David J. Suroviec based on the time John was on the Muppet Show (or whatever it was called).

And last of all the etch-e-sketch pic was found here: I wish I could've been that good with an etch-e-sketch. Most of the things I draw with an etch-e-sketch were more "abstract".

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

DoryPython at 11:15 am June 13

These are really good!!!

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.


DoryPython at 3:00 pm June 11

What happened?

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

PixelPixie at 3:44 pm June 11

arkennedy: I just found this image on photobucket. It was made by someone called ivegotabikeucanride. Apparently this was the first gif this person ever made. Not bad for a first gif :)

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

arkennedy: John that I found on Fotobank:

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

Jatta at 12:49 pm June 07

I just love that second one. So cute! Both of them! awww... :)

Anything goes...

CamelSpotter: Does anybody have a larger version of this photo? It's one of my favorites, and if somebody has a bigger one, maybe even without the watermark, it would be much appreciated.

Videor Quaero Punctume

kisch at 10:08 am June 06

It's my fave pic of John ! Thank you for reminding me how beautiful it is !

I know I talk too much about Michael Palin...