The Famous Cleese

Oh how I adore him! :D Definately one of the funniest, brash and outspoken of the Pythons - in my opinion. Just makes me wanna hug him!


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arkennedy: ..Tina Turner

DoryPython at 6:46 am January 29

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

arkennedy: ...reading a bedtime story to some stuffed animals.

arkennedy: Was this pic taken around the time Fawlty Towers was being filmed? I looks like it could've been to me but I could be wrong.

Lady April at 6:17 pm January 25

Looks like Basil to me :D I could be wrong but Basil is friggin hot!

DoryPython at 6:46 am January 29

when he goes mad!!! :D

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

CamelSpotter at 12:41 am January 30

Basil? MAD? Why, never!

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: Fawlty Towers photos that have John Cleese in them.

arkennedy: I'm not sure where this photo came from but I think it's a good one.

Lady April at 8:00 pm January 22

Me thinks it is from "The Strange case of the end of civilation as we know it". It is a movie he did back in the mid 1970's with Connie. Vereh Funneh!

arkennedy at 8:38 pm January 22

I hadn't heard of "The Strange case of the end of civilation as we know it" before. I'll have to find some way of seeing that movie.

Lady April at 8:43 pm January 22

Check on Amazon! Thats where I got it :)

arkennedy: ...this was taken but according to the website this pic was found on he was waiting for a cab.

arkennedy: This photo reminds me of a certain photo of Michael in a garden that someone posted in one of April's other blogs (one of the best pics of Michael, I think). Does anyone know what this pic of John is from?

kisch at 10:25 am January 21

maybe it's John in Michael's garden ?:)

Lady April at 6:44 am January 21

I do wish it was bigger and clearer. I have no idea where it is from. Anyone?

arkennedy: This is a screencap from The Out of Towners. Has anyone else here seen that movie? Out of the movies John Cleese was in after Python it's one of my favorites. I used to own it on VHS but my copy wore out. Now I'm trying to find it on DVD.

kisch at 2:25 am January 20

last week, I can't say I loved it thoroughly, but John is BRILLIANT there ! Ab fab performance !
Also, always lovely to see New York in the movies - I'm fascinated by the city.
My fave line in the film is when Steve Martin says "No, I'll stand outside and be difficult" - that was a very funny line:-))))

arkennedy at 10:33 pm January 25

My favorite line was when Steve Martin says "Too confining Too confining"

arkennedy: Reading a newspaper.

Laura Harris at 6:17 pm January 18

I loved him in the sketch with the dirty fork. When he is the mad chef that tries to kill Graham Chapman. Absolutely brilliant! Not to mention his physical comedy ( silly walks). Say no more,say no more! He was hilarious in Fawlty Towers also. Just a complete wanker! Alright then, "Off ya go!"

Lady April at 6:27 pm January 18

Basil Fawlty is an idiot but totally hot.
I am such a dork I know.

kisch at 1:28 pm January 19

Basil is a disaster, but I kinda fancy him... well, not him. Actually I rather fancy John playing him. Or come to think of it, I do fancy John whatever he plays...
I'm weird:)))

Lady April at 3:44 pm January 19

What she said! The part about John playing him. John DOES make Basil awesome eye candy :D

Lady April at 6:08 pm January 18

That pic is awesome! Never seen it before - good find!

arkennedy: Fawlty Towers is what I first saw John Cleese in.

Lady April at 6:06 pm January 18

was actually in Circus episodes. Then I remember in the 80's when AFCW came out I watched it and thought John was hilareous hanging upside down up the side of a building saying every so eloquently "I apologise unreservedly" That made me laugh soo hard!

arkennedy: Fierce Creatures.

Lady April at 6:37 am January 16

Thanks for posting all these cool pics of John in here :) Very cool! I loved this scene in Fierce Creatures. I love that movie!

arkennedy at 9:37 pm January 16

You're welcome. I love Fierce Creatures too. I had been renting it when I wanted to see it since where I live you can't buy it in stores. I put in a special order recently though and it should get here in about two or three weeks. My favorite scenes are the ones where they can't get Michael's character Bugsy to shut up. :)

As for a photo this time, here is a pic of the cast of "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again."

Here is a link to a fan page about "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again."

arkennedy: I'm not sure where this photo was taken but I think it's a good one.

arkennedy: I found a series of photos on Flickr in which John is pretending to dance.

Lady April at 6:22 am January 14

I wonder what they are from. Anyone know where he is?

arkennedy at 10:15 pm January 14

According to the website it was from An Evening with John Cleese. Here's the website if you want to see more photos:

CamelSpotter at 6:29 pm January 15

Thanks for posting these. My favorite photo is of John Cleese splashing the audience member.

Yes, I'd love to attend An Evening with John Cleese. Or Michael Palin. Or Terry Jones. Or (insert Python member here). :)

Videor Quaero Punctume

Lady April at 6:31 am January 15

An evening with John Cleese. Sure wish he'd do more of those :)

arkennedy: .... that I found on the internet:

(You'll probably have to click on the image).

arkennedy: ...


barfolishus: John looks equally great with a fuzzy animal hat!!


I'm a Lady!

arkennedy: Here is another photo of John. There are quite a few good photos of John with animals. This one is one of my favorites.

arkennedy at 10:39 pm January 25

It's a baby crocodile. For some reason when they're adults I have no problem telling aligators and crocodiles apart but when they are young I do have trouble telling them apart.

Lady April at 6:26 am January 07

I love pics with John and animals too. Is that like a Camen alligator or something. So cute when they'r small but I am freaked out when they are larger.

arkennedy at 8:59 am January 07

To be honest I'm not sure what type of aligator it is. I may even be wrong about it being an aligator, it could be a crocodile. I think it is an aligator though. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Lady April at 6:04 pm January 07

is that an ex boyfriend from a long time ago used to have a Camen Alligator and somehow every time I'd show up was feeding time. *pukes*. I even have a picture somewhere of me holding the poor thing. He was properly named Snappy and the name doesn't lie. Snappy actually ate one of his kittens. Ididn't have a stomach to hold a relationship such as that one :(

arkennedy at 9:44 pm January 07

To tell you the thruth there are certain animals that I don't think should be kept as pets and certain animals that should not be kept with other animals as pets. Camen aligators are included in my list of animals that shouldn't be kept as pets. I'm sorry to hear about that kitten, I wouldn't have been able to stomache that relationship either.

arkennedy: Hello Lady April. I decided to see if I could find the John Cleese bolg you were refering to in A blog for Cleese, Chapman and Gilliam. It was worth the search, these are great pics of John.

Anyway here's another picture for you. (From my favorite Python sketch).

Lady April at 10:15 pm December 16

Dennis Moore is right up there with Scott of the Antarctic for me! Awesome sketch. Glad you found the BLOG :) A lot of things had apparently changed on this board shortly before I joined up because I couldn't figure out why there were so many members and so few threads. So I took it upon myself to try to start threads and blogs on both group and individual topics of the Pythons and related stuff.
In January I will have new pics of Graham, David and John (foster son) that'll be posted in the my blog under their names. I can't wait!
Meanwhile....another :D

barfolishus at 9:00 pm January 07

just listen to those thighs!

I'm a Lady!