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This is my baby girl Emily. She loves Python and where most parents prefer to not let their children watch certain things on the tele such as Python or related material I let her have at it. She does "Man puts tape recorder up his nose" very well, she adores Gilliams Python animation and his movies as well, she thinks Eric and Michael are "cute boys", loves H-Bowl "Custard Pie" sketch (calls it "banana") and does silly walks almost better than JC. She also loves the Intro animation and song and sings along loudly and proudly LOL
I just want her to grow to have a good outlook on life with a good sense of humor to go with it as it might help her in the long run.
Anyone know if there is a Python merch who sells shirts for kids?

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Lady and Laird Candermine: Oh... she is beautiful!!! You both are... it looks like you and mini you!!!! How wonderful!!! I am so happy that you have a daughter... awe.. bless ya both!!!
I once had the honor of meeting a six year old boy who was very, very ill... and in need. What he wanted for christmas was a laptop and the pythons in a box!!! Well...ya know what I mean... the little action
So... I was sooo amazed to find this little guy... just six and he'd love the pythons ... soooo much!!! Shows...ya are never too young!!!!

thewastelandr at 11:28 am January 10

The Candermines are right! You both look so much alike!

Lady April at 11:42 am January 10

Also a fan of the Austin Powers movies from the age of 2 she does reference her self as "minime" =D

Stig at 3:10 pm January 10

Lol I find anyone who is a fan of Austin Powers absolutely hates James Bond.

Lady April at 5:18 pm January 10

Not with me. I like both =)

Stig at 8:04 pm January 10

Fave Bond movie?

Lady April at 8:44 pm January 10

Prolly has to be Goldfinger, Live and Let Die and From Russia with Love =) It is difficult for me.

Stig at 10:47 pm January 10

Mines Dr No. Ny theory with most things is "Original is always the best"

Stig: Cant wait till I have a family

The Ex-Leper at 10:23 am January 12

ME TOO! My kids are going to be Gumbys for Halloween I have already decided and instead of shoutinf Trick or Treat they will shout the well know line: MY BRAIN HURTS!!! Hooray!

Holly at 10:31 am January 12

that's funny, I'd love to see little kids doing that.

Lvndr HppE: She's such a pretty little girl.

Lady April at 11:18 pm January 09

Thanks Erica =)

housepet1: Rock on April! The proud mama that you are! Way to go raising your daughter not on Cartoon Network but on Python - she'll grow up able to think for herself, knowing the subtleties of life and having a GREAT sense of humour! Woo-hoo!

housepet1 at 7:52 am January 08

Btw, I love the pic with Em by her Christmas tree, your kitty by the fire and some interesting artwork on the mantlepiece. Thumbs up!

Lady April at 8:41 am January 08

That pic was xmas a year ago, 2008. The art work is Emmy's from when she was 18 months old. I've got them framed.

housepet1 at 9:46 am January 08

Yay for Emmy's artistic endeavors and for your encouragement!

Stig: Yes very wise. I don't think theres one part in the meaning of life that isn't smutty, excluding a few skits like organ donor.

Lady April: I'm not as worried about that as I am Meaning of Life. There is a LOT in that movie I prefer her not see! I do actually have limits based more on mentality level and not age necessarily.

The Ex-Leper at 11:52 am January 09

Oh yes! sometimes i feel I am too young for the Meaning of Life! haha jk jk

Stig: Do you let her see The Life of Brian? It's one of their best I think, but it's a bit risky in places if you know what I mean. Especially when Brian comes out of the window naked.

The Ex-Leper: OH! thats incredible! I cant wait to have kids!

Holly: She's beautiful, my son likes the Bruce's Philosophy rules. I like to asked him randomly, "What's rule #1?"

Stig: Any kid who likes Monty Python has to be a genious. Your a good mother!

Lady April at 7:04 pm January 07

Why Thankyou Sir!

thewastelandr at 7:15 am January 08

Agree with Stig! Good work on her! :)

WackyQueen: Cuties! :D

Lady April:

Not all thos pics above are mine. Some were posted by other proud Python parents!
I have a new pic of Emily!!! Over Xmas she I got a pic of her whilst doing her best Mr. Smokestoomuch. I was laughing sooo hard, I mean she is a big Eric fan and Hollywood Bowl is STILL her fave Movie of the Pythons. But this pic ROCKS!!!!


MontyPython93: If I ever get kids, they MUST love the Pythons! I have planned to kidnap my friends kids and teach them everything important (Monty Python, The Beatles and Pink Floyd) I wonder if she will be happy... ;)

BigFoot at 10:40 am March 15

You don't forget Zappa!

Lady April at 10:46 am March 15

The closest she has come to Zappa thus far is that of Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. She was a Bad Ass in the Early 1980's and she is still a badass now!!! Ehm... for those who don't have a clue-ish, Terry Bozzio, Dale's husband, was a Mother of Invention :)


Lady April at 10:12 am March 15

Emily was named after Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" for Syd Barrett (I gave birth during "Interstellar Overdrive"), she loves The Beatles particularly Revolver and Rubber Soul and has watched Yellow Submarine religiously and of course the silliness of Python is the only thing that makes this world ok to never WANT to grow up in. Although it is inevitable that one will grow up doesn't mean one must act the part.


Whither Canada at 5:54 am March 16

I have a Pink Floyd tattoo. Have you ever heard David Bowie's version of "See Emily Play" it is pretty cool. When Syd died he dedicated his web page to him. As I was getting my tat we listened to Floyd and Interstellar Overdrive was on the Mixed CD of Floyd. Song is amazing. So sad that Richard Wright passed.

Lady April at 6:04 am March 16

In 1986 I added Bowie's "Pinups" vinyl to my collection. I used to adore the pic of he and Twiggy on the cover :) Did you know that "Pinups" was the first "cover album" in Pop culture? His version of "See Emily Play" was the first time I ever heard that song. The way he had Pink Floyd titled on there, "Syd's Pink Floyd", had me instantly intrigued. I used to wonder who the hell Syd was. In 1993 I was over at a friends house and was listening to some very bizarre music. It was Syd Barretts 'OPAL'. "Dark Globe" was the song I'd been hearing. Still one of my favourites to this day. I've been hooked ever since. Thanks to dear Mr. Bowie :)
Little did I know in 1986 that the song that struck my curiosity for years would be destined for my own child. I am glad she likes Floyd :)


Whither Canada at 6:23 am March 16

Floyd rules!!
Opal is such a great album. I have a DVD from 1966 of Floyd with Barrett playing Interstellar Overdrive live, during the song John Lennon shows up and they are using Yoko's art work and at that point the two never even met yet.
It was thanks to David Bowie that Stevie Ray Vaughan became more well know, Vaughan played the guitar for him on the "Let's Dance" album.
I had no idea that "Pinups" was the first cover album ever, that is pretty cool.

Lady April at 6:35 am March 16

I have that DVD too! It is awesome because John and Yoko are both in it and neither had met yet! If you watch, you will see a girl surrounded my men and they each take turns cutting a piece of her clothing off. That is an art exhibit put on by Yoko she called "The Happening". When John walked in - totally Sgt. Pepper era! HE WAS SOOO HOT!!! I mean WOW! All smiles, how fabulous! I love my Floyd DVD's!
Dood! How about that Live in Pompeii??? If you haven't seen it yet you MUST GET IT!!!


Whither Canada at 6:47 am March 16

Awesome DVD I love the fact that John was in his Sgt. Pepper era
Yeah I have Live at Pompeii, it is one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. I think whoever likes Pink Floyd should have that DVD. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" I just learned how to play that song on guitar. Not that great ( I mean my playing not the actual song)
Floyd is one of if not my favourite bands of all time. I also have "Pulse", both Waters and Gilmour live concerts, a version of "The Wall" with all of Floyd together and the one with just Waters and guests. I also have "Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd story" As I mentioned earlier also the London 66-67. I like Floyd a little bit. haha

Lady April at 7:16 am March 16

The Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd story :) Besides LONDON and Pompeii I also have the making of DSOTM which is great because you think you've sat through the whole thing and then you goto the bonus section and you get a whole nother documentary!!! It is very cool at the point they begin to mess with the backing vocals in the studio. They actually show the faces of the singers!


Whither Canada at 7:28 am March 16

I also have the making of the DSOTM, my brother bought it for me for my birthday last year, that is what my tattoo is the album cover, I have it on my calf.
I am sure you saw Pulse, they play DSOTM from cover to cover, I went and saw Roger Waters in concert two summers ago and he did the same thing from cover to cover of the album.

Lady April at 8:46 am March 16

Here is Seattle on Oktober 12, 2006. He played every last fucking note of DSOTM and then some, a lot from The Wall, Most of WYWH and various other Floyd songs and some of his own newer political material.
My dream on the Floyd cirtuit is to see Dave Gilmour live :) I want to take my daughter. The unfortunte part is that Rick won't be playing with him :( I am very sad at his passing last year. Hopefully Nick Mason would be playing with Gilmour though, Mason being one of my favourite drummers next to Neil Peart and Bill Ward :)


Whither Canada at 9:48 am March 16

That was the same show I went to, I saw him June 3 2007. Out here in Ottawa, Ontario. I have always wanted to go to Seattle, hopefully soon, I plan on going to BC so I figure I would make my way down to Seattle during that trip. My brother actually saw the Pulse tour twice in Toronto with David, Nick and Rick. I am so jealous. I want to see David really bad also. I was very sad to hear of the news of Richard Wright. The last time Gilmour went on tour Nick Mason played drums for him. Mason is one of my favourites also as well as Neil Peart, being Canadian I have to like Peart. But my all time favourite is the obvious choice in John Bohnam

Lady April at 9:57 am March 16

John Bonham is just a no-brainer where Rock fans are concerned :D He is a given! Also, just as British comedy is understandibly inherently British, Neil Peart is understandibly inherently Canadian! LMAO
RIP Rick Wright


Whither Canada at 10:44 am March 16

I stated the obvious Of course he is a no brainer. haha
Buddy Rich is mind blowing, one of if not the best drummer ever.

Lady April at 10:47 am March 16


Whither Canada at 10:51 am March 16

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That Rocks!! Thanks

Lady April at 11:19 am March 16

Fun with Bill from my corner of the world eh!


Whither Canada at 5:11 am March 17

Hey you sound Canadian, eh? haha
That is why it is spelled this way C eh N eh D eh.

kermit at 5:07 pm March 16

if you have never seen David Gilmour,my heart goes out to you. When you finally do,to quote Hendrix "you will never hear surf music again".The man is totally amazing. You are in for a treat.


I'm real slow sometimes

Lady April at 5:25 pm March 16

I'm just waiting for him to go on tour again. Gilmour and Rush, but I KNOW Rush'll be touring again soon!