The Grail Dance

It's here -- no, it's there, tricky thing. Look, who's that? Figured I'd whip something quick out while I'm tormenting myself with the Endless Project.

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scottp: You be Mashin now...Love it...Makes me smile!!

RSMBiggles: YOU ROCK!!!

BroMaynardG: . . . at your choice of musical accompaniment!

Good Mash, nice segues, no "jumpiness"!

But, with a name like "Ladycaviar" I am surprised that you did not use "Roe, roe, roe your boat" - - -

Or at least Madonna's "Like a Sturgeon".

gna42 at 9:34 am December 12


RGHunt57: Good to see that you've 'crossed over' to this side...

ladycaviar at 5:34 pm December 13

Is it? I looted some public domain sound effects sites, and it wasn't labeled. I just loved it, and couldn't wait to use it in something. So if you can tell me who it is, I'd love to make new credits and append them. I think joe's credits are hilarious.

And I know brothermaynard is probably as picky as I am about public domain assets. I love rooting around in archives for out of copyright recordings (hence the operas and classical music you'll hear floating around my mashes). I thing the Pythons are All That and a Bag of Chips for releasing their work to Us. Yay them.

Hell, for all I knew doodedoodoo was Spike Jones. So yeah, did I get a definitive ID there?

gna42 at 6:54 pm December 13


BroMaynardG at 7:29 pm December 13

As to suggest that in keeping within WE'uns' (ROYAL) idiom . . .

That it be the Annual Spamster Dance? Dec 13th, (But Never On A Sunday)?

ladycaviar at 7:17 pm December 13

as in did hamsters actually record that? or write it?

RSMBiggles at 10:06 am December 14

Lo unto the web came fangeeks and they took the sounds they loved and having tweeked them mightily added content to them.
Thus it was done that a fan, thinking to speed up his 33 rpm recording of "Walt Disney's Robin Hood" soundtrack unto 45 rpm created the first rendition of what was to become the "Hamster dance". Subsequent tweeking and editing ensued and many people began to hear the oft repeated "Beepadee dop doo de doh doeh, DE dat de-dap doh!" falloing under its spell.

IT made its way across the web when someone pointed out that it was a Disney song and Disney, being the proprietous giant it is, waxed wroth... "HOw dare someone use a song without permission" The evil solicitrons of the corporate dungeons prepared for latigious battle, sharpening their pen tips and strapping legal pads on.BUt one small voice...clear in the darkness spoke out "hey we already own the song why dont WE use it in its now popular form????" And thus without legal battle or recourse the deadly sickeningly sweet giant that is Disney now constantly plays "The Hamster Dance" on radio Disney. The song was originally the main title of the animated Disney Robin Hood

joeg at 1:16 pm December 12

good call RG!