The Grail Dance, swf version

It's not fine art, I know, but everything's better in swf. And of course, finding Brian's more fun than looking for Waldo.

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scottp: You go girl!! very funny...Here ya go I took your mash and brought it back into mashcaster and added to it.. Now you take my mash and add to it. Just righ click on the swf attachment and save to target. Put it on your desktop and then import it back into mashcaster and go to town. It doesn't bring the audio with the file so you will have to add the audio back. I didn't have your audio so I just recorded it from the speakers with my web cam mic. Anyway a bit of mashcast colaboration fun!!...

Let the Mashcasting begin!!

Hanri at 6:51 pm May 21

on a Quest of searching the evil-doers. Hehehehe

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

BroMaynardG at 7:06 pm May 21

A Flying Circus Boy!

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gna42: what about the credits? Made by Lady Caviar powered by Kettle One... er... MashCaster


scottp at 10:36 am December 19

Must give credit where credit is do...The next mashes will for sure be credited!! we must build Mash rules in this new frontier..Good one!!

ladycaviar at 9:29 pm December 18

now I gotta get all profesional and stuff.

Good thing you reminded me before I did something really spectacular. ;)

I like joeg's credit's best. Made by Me!

joeg at 9:39 am December 19

made by YOU , and quite flashy as well!

gna42 at 9:34 pm December 18

You're a true original.

BroMaynardG at 10:35 am December 18

Written by - Marv Newland

Directed by - Marv Newland

Produced by - Marv Newland

Marv Newland Produced by - Mr. and Mrs. Newland

from - BMG

MRexBSSP at 11:06 pm December 18

hahaha ..most excellent!

ladycaviar at 9:29 pm December 18