It would appear

That I get bored very quickly. This is what I did today whilst sitting in a cold office. I feel it was time well spent. Mostly from MPFC, but I think there's a couple of Holy Grail ones too. Sadly, I didn't have to take any extra screenshots to do this.....and I have many left over.

This reminds me (for reasons unknown) of something my brother said to me the other day - "In the 70's, people took LSD to make the world seem it is weird and people take prozac to make it seem normal"

My mum looked at him strangely and he pointed to me and said "It was one of Shaw's" which left my mum wondering when I had changed my name. It was a nice little python moment in the middle of a crowded shopping centre.

Ah Well, can't win 'em all I suppose

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Hanri: Those moments are the ones that make the day. And being so unexpected adds the cherry on the top.

The finnish copies of MPFC dvd's have the cover covered with that kind of mosaic. Only yours is better, because they made it very vague and they claim that they have put one picture from every sketch of the season, which they actually haven't (no surprise there). Your being honest. Even if you weren't, it would still be better. But we count on you! You lovely thing.

* * *

Oh, why didn't you say you're an old customer?

LadyLovelace at 4:24 am May 06

also has the mosaics, which I only noticed AFTER I did this....but by then it was too late, because I was done.

I had probably noticed it at some point and it stuck in my mind. No great surprise that the people doing the front covers couldn't get it right. Probably scratched their heads wondering who Monty Python was ("never heard of him")

The other excellent python moment I had reccently was I was using my laptop for music at my brother's birthday party on Saturday. Everyone was standing around and the playlist came to an end, returning to my usual wallpaper, which the same nude shot we have in the gallery. Naturally, everyone looked around, because the music stopped. They were all very embarrassed, even more so because I wasn't. I thought it was funny.


There's only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about

Hanri at 4:52 am May 06

Funnnyy. Many people don't just know how to react to Python. The ones who know Python and don't squeek around about it as we do, keep themselves really quiet in those kind of situations. They probably think, that if they laugh, they would feel instantly silly (and we don't want things getting silly, do we?!), but they still find it amusing enough not to judge them.

When a friend of my fiancé visited us at my (or nowadays our) apartment the first time, I had my computer on. He did notice my Brian dvd -wallpaper and I got interested to see, how he'd react to that, being a christian and all. Well, not much, he just said in a neutral tone "oh, nice wallpaper". Not that interesting, really. But when my screensaver of the rolling text "Oh, you're no fun anymore." came along, he cracked, laughing. Surprising effect.

I did have a point here. My meaning has abandoned me.

* * *

Oh, why didn't you say you're an old customer?

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: makes me want to edit photos!
GAH wait no I can't do that!

-stay focused Lemming must keep working on the thing you're workiing on....can't... give.... up!-

"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"