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I came across an interesting thread somewhere on here about the response in school to a Brian viewing. As usual I can no longer find the thread so here is a brief intro to an airing of Brian on TV which may be of interest to someone.

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CamelSpotter: That's excellent. I agree wholeheartedly with what the Pythons say, and they were lucky to live in a time during which they could make such a movie.

Videor Quaero Punctume

Hanri: Thanks for sharing that one! Now the people who don't own the Immaculate Edition of LOB dvd get to see some of that great document. I do agree with Gilliam all the way, "what is this God that can't take my puny pathetic jokes?" And I'm employed by the church! I've noticed, that people get offended by LOB mainly and mostly because it hits a nerve: they are finally placed in front of a mirror to see how ridiculously blind one CAN be. And they obviously can't admit that in public, so they say it offends christianity, which it doesn't.

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Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

flopsy_mrs at 11:29 am September 02

soem where from a python if memory serves taht yasser arrafat once says the reiligeos wars are only because one is fighting about a imaginaryy friend were is no prove at all for that he even exists to an other person with an other imaginary friend where the is no prove for that he exists

gr iris

it bloody repeets

flopsy_mrs: but this is so funny xd the text with it :p lol hahahahahahahahahahaha
and the on the cross bit 'and the sweeedish apart from the welsh hahahah xd good bit but i think the pythons are write the world IS a mad house sadly enough

gr iris

it bloody repeets