Pics of Michael

I didn't find these in the gallery so hope I'm not duplicating.

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ximrealynotokayx: Aww! him and his kitty cat is so cute! <3

flopsy_mrs: i just love it it is so adoreble on the other hand micheal is adoreble that is a fact xd lol you made the midle one you're self ???
gr iris :)

it bloody repeets

armenia67: Is this man ever NOT gorgeous?

the_thina: at lesat the last one Ive never seen before, but loved it! :D


Lancaster Bomber: Help !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have duplicated. I have uploaded 3 separate pictures but this post has posted only one and repeated it. How do I put it right or delete the post ?

Hanri at 10:44 pm October 07

and just simply change the preview images with the other two photos as "Self". The site wierdly set the first pic as the preview image automatically.


Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
Python Army HeadQuarters

Lancaster Bomber at 4:35 am October 08

Ah ! many thanks for that. Thought I must be missing something.