Jonesy :)

Who's the most brand new cute tinny litlle father?? Oh, it's our Jonesy! :)


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thewastelandr: Sigh! So brilliant.

ximrealynotokayx: So Cute!!!!! <3 And that is a pretty cat he's holding, and a lucky cat too to be held by Terry :D

mrsCutout: I sorry but let me get that straght!Jonsey is once again a father?

Marina Dantas at 1:29 pm September 30

Of a cute little girl :)

Oh, intercourse the penguin! ¬¬

mrsCutout at 2:04 pm September 30

Oh I'm so glad for jonsey! Congrats!!!!!

christinah3000: the Python baby is born :)

pythonnewbie at 4:31 am November 24

lol one should add dramatic music to that statement!;) "Behold:the Python baby is born"*aaaaah*

the_thina: *gasps for air* oh, another python-member-with-animal-pic! love it!

Marina Dantas at 11:59 am September 30

I died 3 times when I saw it.

Oh, intercourse the penguin! ¬¬