Fantastically Drooltastic Jonesy

Mother may I?

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... Oh my god, Jones and kitty. That's adorable. I want that cat.

this is not a python reference:

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this is not a python reference:

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this is not a python reference:

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He looks especially handsome in this interview. Whatever he's's pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie.

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Here's another Terry Image

Lady April: T minus 4 days of wet panties left!

Lady April:


thewastelandr at 2:07 pm February 11

Is this when he is demonstrating to the crowd how to be hysterical? Love it!

Miss Tree at 11:40 am February 11

OH YA!!! Nice ass Terry!

Lady April at 11:45 am February 11

Oh yea!!!

Miss Tree at 5:53 pm February 14

Shake shake shake... shake shake shake.. shake that bootay!


add a comment at 1:13 pm July 31

I'm Michael Palin...and I'm Cordelia. XD

MontyPython93: Aaaah just what I needed^^

Paute: OH MY GOD!!! Thank you!!!!!
Lovely pictures (and model)

Miss Tree: OH WOW!!! All Jonesy on the first page!!! My hormones are on overload here!!! SOMEONE GET THE HOSE!!!!

Lady April at 10:53 am February 05

Dun worry you, you'llbe well satisfied in just a few more days so hold your big girl panties up!

Miss Tree at 11:25 am February 05

This is the longest 11 days in the history of the world!!!

Lady April at 2:52 pm February 05

The 11 day pantie marathon?

Miss Tree at 2:58 pm February 05

No 11 days till the week long Panty-Free-a-thon!

Lady April at 3:07 pm February 05

ok so right now you are in the 11 day wet-panty-a-thon?

Miss Tree at 3:15 pm February 05

OH YA! Changing them 3 times a day... more times if he calls me. I just feel like banging my head on the wall, but I figured if it's not a headboard it's not worth it.

Lady April at 3:17 pm February 05

My brain hurts.....

Miss Tree at 3:32 pm February 05

My everything hurts! Ugh... I need a Large dose of Vitamin D riight now.

thewastelandr at 4:16 pm February 05

I don't get it! 11 days till what??

Miss Tree at 5:51 pm February 05

Till I see my boyfriend. I feel like he's been away on tour forever!

thewastelandr at 6:02 pm February 05

Who is your boyfriend? I'm so out of the loop! TJ??

Miss Tree at 11:14 am February 06

No my boyfriend isn't TJ. LOL I mean my REAL bf. I wish I could see TJ, I guess being married with a new baby has him busy these days tho.

thewastelandr at 12:25 pm February 06

Ahhhhahaha lol. Ok well that would make sense. ;)

Miss Tree at 1:53 pm February 09

Ya... I would love to meet TJ tho, I wonder if he'll ever come to Canada.

thewastelandr at 2:00 pm February 09

We can only hope!! :)

Lady April at 9:45 am February 10

LMAO!!!! on tour of barren nanook land!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Miss Tree at 7:17 pm February 10

Ya Terry needs to get his ass over here already! I mean he goes all over Europe.. ya that's nice but how about giving Canaduh some TJ lovin... LOL mmmm *goes off in a nice visual about TJ Lovin' *

Madame Jones-Palin-Gumby: Oh wow, these are great piccies of my fave Python. Thank you! x

thewastelandr: How I love that man! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!

Miss Tree: OMG My pictures are all still here?!! Just seems like a whole whack of the comments are gone... curiouser and curiouser mate.

Hanri at 11:00 pm October 18

The comments shouldn't be gone, just that they're currently as just comments and the pics are grouped together.

Man gotta love that stream of Jones....... :3

arkennedy: ....of an image I posted earlier. When I first posted this image it was dark and hard to see. So here it is again after I changed the brightness and contrast.

It should be much easier to see this time.

arkennedy: on the terry_jones_140x140.jpg attachment.

arkennedy: it reminded me of Terry's Prince Herbert character in Holy Grail.

christinah3000 at 10:50 am April 16

love it, thanks!!!

Black_cat: Hello, esteemed Pythonites!
Rather new member here, with quite the obvious choice of Pythons ;). Just want to say "Gorgeous Jonesy!" and thank you for all these great photos.
He's got one with a black cat but the feline's expression isn't at all content. Awww.

Jonesy is my favourite Python whom I prefer and who is mostly favourite by me. My preference for Jonesy is that which I most favour and which is mostly preferred. By me. [etc. etc. etc.]:D