Fantastically Drooltastic Jonesy

Mother may I?

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arkennedy: ...This pic was taken but I think it's a good one.

arkennedy: I love his expresion in this photo.

arkennedy: .

arkennedy: According to the website on which I found this photo (Flickr) this cat's name is Aaron and he likes to watch Monty Python.

christinah3000 at 4:40 am January 14

so cute, mine always sleep on the Python dvds. LOL

DoryPython at 5:12 am January 14

Terry Jones can not confuse a cat :)

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

arkennedy: ...

DoryPython at 1:15 am January 13

It's cold! :)

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

arkennedy: Is it just me or does the cat almost seem to be smiling for the camera as well?

caroliinee at 4:27 pm January 15

Oh dang, hes gorgeous.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Miss Tree at 11:15 pm January 12

Hell if I was a kitty with Jonesy I would be smiling too. hell even if I wasn`t a kitty...

DoryPython at 1:16 am January 13


Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

Miss Tree at 2:16 pm January 02

I love that video. I watch it when I wanna get a dose of Jonesy.

arkennedy at 10:40 pm January 02

I'm glad you like it.

Oh and here's another DNAYS photo of Terry:

Miss Tree at 7:21 am January 09

I like that "o" face he's got. Such a cutie in DNAYS.

arkennedy: Four more photos of Jones:

arkennedy: ...

Miss Tree at 8:46 am December 24

YAY!!! I love this picture! Just such a cute smirk he has.

arkennedy: Here's another from DNAYS. Out of the sketches Terry was in it's my favorite DNAYS sketch.

Miss Tree at 5:29 am December 16

Awww soo cute. One of my fave sketches with Terry in it has got to be the Christmas episode where he is explaining the laughing at rhubarbs game. I actually have played that game since I saw the sketch and it really is a fun sort of game.

Miss Tree: It's Terry Time!

Miss Tree: Aww he's so cute with those lil piggies.

Miss Tree: DNAYS days!

eMMI at 9:34 am December 15

I wish you'd shut up about the miniskirt!


"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."

Miss Tree at 5:38 pm December 15

He is soooo cute in that sketch!!!

arkennedy: I don't have a comment. I just like this picture.

Miss Tree at 6:03 am December 12

Ya he is an angel.

kisch: YUM !

Miss Tree at 10:37 pm December 04

OMG where is this screen capt from?

kisch at 10:43 am December 05

PM me for the details, alright ?
I love this cap, it's so... telling, you know :)))

christinah3000 at 12:49 pm December 04

Lol... great that you got it, actually a friend of mine recorded the show for me and now you have to it too.. well, at least something is good about him.

wonderful screencap btw :)

Miss Tree: Just found this one.

Miss Tree: Just sakes!

Lady April: You found it, you found it!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Miss Tree: Terry o'clock! YAY!

Miss Tree: This is a good shot of him directing a scene from Evil Machines. I still really wanna see that and hope it comes to Canada.

Miss Tree: Awww lookie the Terry and the Piggies.

Miss Tree: Posting Jonesy!!!

christinah3000 at 3:49 am October 10

wicked smile.. i love this photograph,... look at this leg!

crzyltvn at 5:13 pm October 09

Lovely leg there!

Miss Tree at 5:11 am October 10

his legs are hot!

Miss Tree: Terry looks like a pirate here. All he needs is an eyepatch and a smart-assed parrot on his shoulder! AWWWWWK Pieces of eight, pieces of eight... AWWWWWK

what_the_fuck at 11:11 am September 14

oooh I love this picture! it's awesome!!!

Miss Tree: since I have posted anything. Argh being sick is the suck. So here are some fantastically doooooltastic pics of our Jonesy.

Miss Tree: just look at the cutie smile!

Miss Tree: Food always tastes better off someone elses plate it seems.

thegranny: so yummy indeed!
I cant believe I had this topic a bit forgotten. silly me! (Jonesy must win, not Palin, lol)

"The Chair: It helps you sit down, higher up".

Miss Tree: *envious* LOL

christinah3000 at 10:39 am August 26

she is so lucky... got to kiss terry twice, married him in one sketch.. and she also had a lovely time with Michael - if you have a look at the MashEye Peas special.
I envy her so much...

Lucky Carol!