Fantastically Drooltastic Jonesy

Mother may I?

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Miss Tree: This was when he was his highschool Rugby Capt.

Miss Tree: I just wanna hug him!


LOL I started doing this sketch outta nowhere today and shocked my mom. I did it loudly with voices perfectly like in the movie. My mom was in hysterics and she was impressed allbeit it very random.

Miss Tree: Love his laugh!

what_the_fuck at 10:28 am August 17

that's John right...behind(?) Terry...

Miss Tree at 2:10 pm August 17

That is indeed John. That was while they were filming Life of Brian.

what_the_fuck at 2:11 pm August 17

cool! and he looks awesome with those glases...!

Rosey at 7:47 pm August 17

Oh yeah I was about to comment on that!
John looks smexyyyyy.
My hovercraft is full of eels.

Miss Tree at 10:20 pm August 17

Yes I will come back to the cave with you and make Argrog all night with you!

*melts into a puddle of Python mush*

Miss Tree at 9:49 am August 17

Caught with pants down.

Miss Tree: And when she gets going... OHHHHHHH.... *tackles nearest woman*
Damn I wish he would tackle me like that.

christinah3000: Promo flyer...

Miss Tree at 3:05 pm August 16

What is this flyer being used to promote?

crzyltvn at 3:22 pm August 16

I'd say "Barbarians"...I remember that area showing up.

christinah3000 at 10:28 am August 17

yep, correct! *lol*

Miss Tree: Look at those LEGS!!! *whistles*

crzyltvn at 3:24 pm August 16

what would the title of this particular sketch/video be? (I wish to look it up...)

Miss Tree at 4:03 pm August 16

Its a mans life undressing in public. Poor Terry goes all over trying to find a place get undressed for the beach. Its the episode where Graham keeps getting upset because they keep making fun of the Army Slogan.. Its a Mans life in the modern Army.

crzyltvn at 6:05 pm August 16

Thank you.

Miss Tree: Cute! Its Terry to the rescue!!!

crzyltvn: :(

Miss Tree at 6:49 am August 16

thats because Im not there and he misses me. Its okay Terry, Im here now! *grins*


Miss Tree at 8:54 pm August 15

This was the very first Monty Python sketch I saw when I was a kid. I didnt understand but Terry made me laugh a lot. He always makes me laugh.

Lady April: Is you're wife a go-er?

Miss Tree at 8:22 pm August 15

Say no More, Say no more!

OMG I love when he starts getting a lil steamed up and he slams his beer on the table and it splashes.

Lady April: Fabulous dahling!

christinah3000 at 7:55 am August 21

it's really cute how they look :)

dinosaursarenomore at 2:03 am August 16

daddy won't be needing his train reservation then...? awesome picture!! simply awesome. i've been saying that alot lately havent i?
"Drooling (also known as ptyalism or sialorrhea) is when saliva flows outside the mouth. Drooling is generally caused by excess production of saliva, ina...OR by michael palin

Miss Tree: See... *picks jaw off the floor*

Miss Tree: Id like to get me some of that!

Miss Tree: Awww so cute.

Miss Tree: lickable... erm... likeable! No the first one.. yes.

christinah3000 at 6:03 am August 20

one of my favourite looks of Terry...

Miss Tree at 9:14 am August 20

Mine too! He is like the most beautiful man in the world here.

Johnnyrose at 9:39 am August 15

"Welease Bwian!"

Miss Tree: look how happy he is to have won the game!

christinah3000 at 12:42 pm August 10

i think that was for me the moment i knew that terry is absolutely gorgeous

Miss Tree: I just love his eyes and his playful hair. Yummy Yummy yum yum!

crzyltvn: Another droolishus blog, oh how I love the Pythons and P-Line.

Lady April: It's nudie time!!! *woohoo*

jeremytoogood at 8:25 am August 10

That there is a rare timing mistake in this sketch? Eric's line "Ever since you've married me, Douglas, you've treated me like an albatross" which links to the next sketch, is "stepped" on by the applause when Terry is wheeled in, and you can't hear it. Since I now have "All the Words" I got it, but such timing mistakes are few.

Miss Tree at 10:42 am August 10

I have actually never caught that before but you are right! Meh maybe someone has to go pee or something and needed the sketch to get sped up.

Miss Tree at 9:35 pm August 09

to play with your food but I might have to make an exception in this case.

what_the_fuck at 10:35 am August 09

A Hopkins au gratin a la chef

Miss Tree: This makes a girl kinda thankful for hot temperatures and dry heat.

Lady April: Doesn't get any more spread eagle than this LOL

Miss Tree at 10:56 pm August 08

that whenever I see this picture that I wanna just leap onto him, knock him off that wall and do naughty things to him involving pancakes and blueberry syrrup in the grass on the other side?

Miss Tree: I love that Welsh Fury!
*melts into a puddle*