So THAT's what a polecat is.

Isn't it cute? I think I'll name him Mikey.

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jupiterblue: I thought more people knew what polecats were lol.

In the town where I live we have a "Polecat Creek" that runs through... :D

kisch: I'm raising polecats for peace ! (c)
gough cough

(sorry couldn't resist !)

barfolishus: it's a ferret! I have a cat nicknamed Ferret Face(cause she has a face like a ferret), her real name is Sadie.

Hello Ms. Gorilla.
Hello Ms. Non-Gorilla.
Have you been shopping?
No, I've been shopping.

Lady April: if it's in any relation to my dragon cat that I named Mikey??? :D

Monty Petra at 8:06 pm July 23

come with wings, which would be even cuter.....

- Uttered by Monty Petra, Queen of Planet Palin (Mrs)

BroMaynardG at 6:24 am April 08

- - - Skunked!

Pop Goes the Weasel!

Lady April at 3:28 pm April 08

I have neglected my Mikey cat. Awww bummer :(


Rosey: That is definitely the most adorable thing ever.
Well I said the same about Michael, so "Mikey" is a fitting name XD

My hovercraft is full of eels.

crzyltvn: when you said polecat...

what_the_fuck: it's so cute!!!! so it's something like your pet or!?

Monty Petra at 12:58 pm July 23

a picture of it in google images, because I wanted to know what exactlly it was. It's not mine. But I so want one.

- Uttered by Monty Petra, Queen of Planet Palin (Mrs)

what_the_fuck at 1:00 pm July 23

I always wanted to have one like this...they are so cute!!! but I have a dog and I'm not allowed to have other animals ;(

Miss Tree at 6:20 pm July 23

my next pet, most likely a rat or another cat will be named Tewwy or Lerxst. Lerxst being the nick name of my fave guitarist of my fave band, who is another guy Im ass backwards in love with, LOL.