Graham <3

We all love and miss him...<3

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Recess Elm: God bless you Graham, wherever you may be.
If you enjoyed this post only half as much as I did, then I enjoyed it twice as much as you.

Lady of the Lake: I miss you old poofthah! ;-)

the_thina at 10:34 am October 04

best coment today! XD
RIP graham 1941-1989

kissmyarrrtichoke: He will always be loved

Spare a talent for an old ex-leper?

flopsy_mrs: we all miss ya and i hope yo'ure in a peace full place with a lot of humor
and great work !!! really bravo

gr iris

it bloody repeets

the_thina: aaaw that was so sweet! good work!

RIP graham 1941-1989

MontyPython93 at 4:45 am October 04

I just made it, just for PO! <3

the_thina at 4:47 am October 04

yeah, I guessed that. ;)

RIP graham 1941-1989