Happy Birthday MontyPython93...

This has been the worst fucking day in my life >< Mum's slept all the day, my sis has been at work all day, dad...well he's just himself (not so fun) and my bro...he tried, but it didn't work. So now I'm here again! Happy Birthday to myself! Oh wait, you shouldn't lie! This sucks!

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CamelSpotter: But you're still another year older (and wiser!), and it was nice of your brother to make an effort.

Happy Birthday, and here's to a wonderful rest of the year!

Videor Quaero Punctume

MontyPython93 at 12:14 pm August 14

Thx :P :)

christinah3000: I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST




MontyPython93 at 1:17 am July 29

You are all so wonderful^^ :)

Jatta: Think of it like this... it can only get better. And you'll never be alone as long as there is any life left in the Python Army.

Anything goes...

MontyPython93 at 9:43 am July 28

Thank you :) You're so right :D
And thank you all, you're the best! <3

Hanri: the year my birthday was first forgotten, and yeah, it's sucked big time. Not only that my family forgot it, but the friends who did remember didn't play fair that day. We were going to go somewhere (a church thing, can't remember what exactly) where there were supposed to be many others of our age as well. But 200m before the place we were walking to one of my friends noticed that "omg THAT guy is coming too I can't go there I'm so embarrassed I'm gonna die if I go there sorry we can't go there". And if I were to go I would have gone by myself, and at that age I wasn't the kind of person who would go to places by herself. So we didn't go. Man I was so angry at my friends that week. Just because of some boy.

Nowadays I'm surprised if my fiance remembers my birthday. We shall see in a couple of months. But anyways, congratulations for being another year older, dear. Hope the following days won't suck that much.

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Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

arkennedy: I hope your day gets better.

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MontyPython93 at 3:07 pm July 27

Here in Sweden it's 00.06 the 28/7 so...no the day didn't get any better xD But thanx anyway :)

MontyPython93: Mum's slept the whole day, my sis has been at work all the day, my dad...well he's just himself (no so very fun...) and my bro...he tried but it didn't really work. And it really made me feel better when my friends didn't call or anything. It's been a very funny Funny FUNNY day!

Antrax24.12 at 2:52 am July 28


kermit at 1:32 am July 28

I will wish you a happy birthday, even if it DID suck. Sorry it wasn't a good day for you. Maybe next year.


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BroMaynardG at 8:21 pm July 28

It Always Helped Me!


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MontyPython93 at 1:16 am July 29

Yeah, I do feel a bit better now xD You're awesome