I just heard...

That my mum's got like...maybe just some months left to live. If that, maybe weeks..!
No one should ever hear things like that. It hurst. In the head. In the brain. Gosh, my brain hurts so much right now...

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crzyltvn: I'm sending you lots of love. The most you can do for her, is to show her love everyday. Keep smiling and spread the smiles. Again, I'm truly sorry to hear that.

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

MontyPython93 at 10:32 am July 04

You're right :) Thank you!

Tiel Pearce: I have nothing really to say except that I'm here if you want to talk, I have lost several family members but if it was my mom I would not know what to do. She is really the only reason I am alive right now. Sorry if I made you feel even worse. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Shut your festering gob you tit!

MontyPython93 at 10:31 am July 04

Not at all...I can't really feel worse then I'm feeling right now...xD But thanks :)

CamelSpotter: Have you heard of Randy Pausch? He was a professor diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and told he had only months. Instead, he lived several more years and gave an inspiring lecture about looking to the future and achieving your dreams. He commented that "we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." Anyway, perhaps some of the things he said may resonate with you.


My thoughts are with you and your family, and I know you're a strong person.

Videor Quaero Punctume

MontyPython93 at 1:15 am June 30

Thanks a lot! I'm going to show mum this :)

Hanri: Now you'll just have to make the best of the time you have with her. Terrible thing to hear that how short is one life gonna last..

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

Jatta: No one should ever have to face something like that.
I know this is not much of a comfort to you right now, but at least you are given the chance to say "I love you". I once lost someone very dear to me and I never had the chance to say goodbye and it still hurts.
My prayers are with you and your family.

Anything goes...

MontyPython93 at 2:55 pm June 29

You're so right. I think that I'm going to say that to her right now :) Thanks

gna42: It's never news you want to hear. My prayers are with you and your family that you recieve the best possible outcome to your situation.



"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

MontyPython93 at 5:35 am June 28

Believe me, I try to always look at the bright side of everything :) But it can be hard sometimes you know...

arkennedy: ...you're right no one should have to hear things like that.
Btw: I like the pic you posted.

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

MontyPython93 at 5:33 am June 28

No, It sucks...
Thanks :)

irishlooney: I know this is no use to you, but I'm really upset to hear this!! :( And I feel extremely sorry for you, your family and most of all your mother...

MontyPython93 at 5:32 am June 28

...I do feel better when I read that you people care about it. Thank you :)

dinosaursarenomore: agreed, no one should ever have to hear those kind of things.
I'm afraid sir Horace won't be catching the 10.15.

pjev93: Oh, I'm so sorry to heard that=(
I feel so sorry for you and your family.

No time Toulouse!

BroMaynardG at 12:14 pm June 28

Others have said good. Especially, Make the most of the time you have left to spend.

My mom and dad disowned me because I married a divorcee, for three years (disowned for 3; married for coming up on 20). They missed the best part of Holly growing up.

Their deaths were totally unknown/unplanned - brain attack & heart attack.

You have to put YOUR life into perspective! I recall, years ago - I was dating a girl who's G'ma died. The girl's father took all the burden of his mother dying, a week later he died from grief! I never intended to be her escort to two funerals!

Give mom the attention she deserves. But don't get burdened yourself.

Plus, watch how your other relatives are reacting. They may need your support.

Heavy heart W/ prayers for you and yours!


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MontyPython93 at 2:52 pm June 29

You sure know how to put words right! Thank you :)

MontyPython93 at 2:51 pm June 29

You sure know how to put words right! Thank you :)

MontyPython93 at 2:51 pm June 29

You sure know how to put words right! Thank you :)

BroMaynardG at 2:59 pm June 29

Thank you, Bless You!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

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MontyPython93 at 1:04 am June 30